Chapter 12.72


12.72.010    Report to Sheriff Required—Contents.

12.72.010 Report to Sheriff Required—Contents.

Every person who recovers possession or takes possession of any motor vehicle under the provisions of any conditional sale of lease contract or chattel mortgage, hereafter termed “repossessed” or “repossessing” or “repossession” shall within 24 hours after repossessing such vehicle, if repossessed within the City, complete and file at the police station which services the area, a form furnished by the Police Department setting forth the following information:

A.    The make, model, year, motor number, serial number, and license number of such vehicle;

B.    The name and address of the registered owner of such vehicle;

C.    The name and address of the legal owner of such vehicle at the time of repossession;

D.    The name and address of the person or agency repossessing the vehicle;

E.    Date, time, and exact location of repossession;

F.    Such other information as the Police Department shall find to be necessary for the identification of vehicles reported to the police as having been stolen, or necessary for the prevention of fraud in the repossession of motor vehicles. (Ord. 89-12, 6/27/89)