Chapter 12.78


12.78.010    Prohibited Vehicular Cruising—Exceptions.

12.78.020    Penalty for Vehicular Cruising.

12.78.010 Prohibited Vehicular Cruising—Exceptions.

A.    No person shall be a driver or passenger of a motor vehicle driven past a traffic-control point in traffic which is congested at or near the traffic-control point, within four hours after the vehicle operator has been given an adequate written notice that further driving past the traffic-control point within this time frame is prohibited.

B.    This section shall not apply to the drivers, operators or passengers of the following vehicles:

1.    Any authorized emergency vehicle as defined in Section 165 of the State Vehicle Code;

2.    Any publicly owned vehicle of any city, county, district, state or federal agency;

3.    Any vehicle licensed for public transportation or vehicles which are normally used for business purposes and are engaged in such business use.

C.    The ranking police officer on duty within the affected area shall have the authority to establish a traffic-control point for the purpose of regulating vehicular cruising.

D.    No person is in violation of this section unless:

1.    That person has been given the written notice on a previous driving trip past the traffic-control point and then again passes the control point within the prohibited time frame; and

2.    The beginning and end of the portion of the street subject to vehicular cruising controls are clearly identified by signs that briefly and clearly state the appropriate provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 89-12, 6/27/89)

12.78.020 Penalty for Vehicular Cruising.

It is a misdemeanor for any person to violate the provisions of this Chapter. (Ord. 89-12, 6/27/89)