Chapter 12.94


12.94.010    Definitions.

12.94.020    Oversized Vehicle Parking Regulations—Penalties—Appeals.

12.94.030    Oversized Vehicle Parking Permits.

12.94.040    State of Emergency.

12.94.050    Amortization Period.

12.94.010 Definitions.

“Oversized vehicle” shall mean any motor vehicle, boat or trailer, which meets or exceeds at least two (2) of the following criteria, exclusive of fixtures, accessories or property:

1.    Twenty-three (23) feet in length; or

2.    Eight (8) feet in height; or

3.    Seven (7) feet in width. (Ord. 01-3, 1/9/01; Ord. 23-3 § 2 (Exh. A), 4/25/23)

12.94.020 Oversized Vehicle Parking Regulations—Penalties—Appeals.

A.    The parking of oversized vehicles, as defined in Section 12.94.010, shall be prohibited on any public street, or public place within any residential, commercial, industrial, or business park zone. This section shall not apply to any oversized vehicle:

1.    Repealed by Ord. 23-3;

2.    Parked for the purpose of and while being loaded or unloaded for a maximum period not to exceed forty-eight (48) consecutive hours; or

3.    Parked for temporary maintenance or emergency repairs not to exceed forty-eight (48) consecutive hours; or

4.    Parked for the pickup or delivery of goods and merchandise; or

5.    Displaying a current valid State Department of Motor Vehicles issued disabled person license plate.

B.    The prohibitions set forth in this chapter shall not apply to the parking of commercial vehicles.

C.    Any violation of the herein stated provisions pertaining to the parking of oversized vehicles shall be subject to penalties as established by a schedule of fees adopted by resolution of the City Council.

D.    Every person who is issued a notice of parking violation pursuant to this chapter may request review of that notice under Section 40215 et seq., of the California Vehicle Code. (Ord. 01-3, 1/9/01; Ord. 23-3 § 2 (Exh. A), 4/25/23)

12.94.030 Oversized Vehicle Parking Permits.

An oversized vehicle may be parked on any public street if the City issues an oversized vehicle parking permit pursuant to the following:

A.    Purpose. The purpose of authorizing the issuance of oversized vehicle parking permits is to give owners of oversized vehicles an opportunity, for a limited time, to park their oversized vehicle on a public street.

B.    Requirements for Oversized Vehicle Parking Permits. Any person may obtain an oversized vehicle parking permit to park a designated oversized vehicle on a public street, for a limited period of time, as described in subsection (D) of this section.

C.    Issuance of Permits. The City Manager or designee shall establish policies and procedures for the issuance of such permits. Such policies shall be consistent with the provisions of the Santa Clarita Municipal Code, to the greatest extent possible as determined by the City Manager, and the following:

1.    Each registered owner desiring an oversized vehicle parking permit shall file with the City Manager or designee a completed City application form containing the following:

a.    The name, address and phone number of the registered owner of the designated oversized vehicle;

b.    The license number, make and model of designated oversized vehicle;

c.    The dates for which the permit is requested pursuant to subsection (D) of this section;

d.    The dates and duration of any and all oversized vehicle permits issued to the applicant within the immediately preceding one hundred and twenty (120) day period;

e.    Additional information the City Manager or designee may require;

f.    The applicant must sign application under penalty of perjury.

2.    Oversized vehicle parking permits issued and approved by the City Manager or designee shall include the license plate number of the designated oversized vehicle, the date of issuance and the day of its expiration.

3.    All permits shall be placed at the lower driver’s side of the windshield of the oversized vehicle to which it relates so that it is clearly visible from the exterior of the oversized vehicle. Should the oversized vehicle not have a windshield, the permit shall be affixed to the front portion of the oversized vehicle in a location that is plainly visible from in front of said oversized vehicle.

4.    All oversized vehicle parking permits shall be issued at no expense to the applicant.

D.    Permit Duration and Renewal. An oversized vehicle parking permit shall be valid for a period not to exceed three (3) consecutive days (seventy-two (72) hours). Upon expiration of an oversized vehicle parking permit issued under this section, the applicant may apply for and be granted additional oversized vehicle parking permits, if the applicant still qualifies under the conditions set forth herein. In no event shall any person and/or designated oversized vehicle be issued more than three (3) oversized vehicle parking permits within any one hundred and twenty (120) day period. (Ord. 01-3, 1/9/01; Ord. 23-3 § 2 (Exh. A), 4/25/23)

12.94.040 State of Emergency.

The prohibitions provided in this chapter shall not apply to the parking of any oversized vehicle during the pendency of any state of emergency declared to exist within the City of Santa Clarita by the City Council. (Ord. 01-3, 1/9/01; Ord. 23-3 § 2 (Exh. A), 4/25/23)

12.94.050 Amortization Period.

The ordinance codified in this chapter shall become effective April 1, 2001. (Ord. 01-3, 1/9/01; Ord. 23-3 § 2 (Exh. A), 4/25/23)