Chapter 17.04


17.04.010    Purpose.

17.04.020    Applicability.

17.04.030    Interpretation for Unlisted Uses.

17.04.040    Record of Interpretation.

17.04.010 Purpose.

This chapter establishes the authority of the Director to interpret this code. Whenever the Director determines that the meaning or applicability of any provision of this code is subject to interpretation, the Director may issue a written interpretation. (Ord. 13-8 § 4 (Exhs. A, D), 6/11/13)

17.04.020 Applicability.

Interpretations made by the Director include the following:

A.    Defining unlisted uses;

B.    Determination of the location of boundaries on the zoning map;

C.    Applicability of development standards;

D.    Definitions, terms or phrasing, and language construction;

E.    Determining measurement; and

F.    Interpretation of how any of subsections (A) through (E) of this section apply to a specific site. (Ord. 13-8 § 4 (Exh. A), 6/11/13)

17.04.030 Interpretation for Unlisted Uses.

A.    Similar Uses. The Director may determine that an unlisted use in this code is allowed in compliance with this chapter.

B.    Required Findings. The Director may determine that an unlisted use is similar to a listed use and may be allowed in the underlying zone, after making the following findings:

1.    The characteristics of, and activities associated with, the use are similar to one (1) or more of the listed uses, and will not involve a greater intensity than the uses listed in the zone;

2.    The use will be consistent with the purposes of the applicable zone;

3.    The use will be consistent with the General Plan;

4.    The use will be compatible with the other uses allowed in the zone; and

5.    The use is not listed as allowed in another zone.

C.    Underlying Zone Standards. When the Director determines that an unlisted use is similar to a listed use, the unlisted use will be treated in the same manner as the listed use in determining where it is allowed, the application required, and the applicable development standards and requirements of this code. (Ord. 13-8 § 4 (Exh. A), 6/11/13)

17.04.040 Record of Interpretation.

Any written interpretation made by the Director shall be kept on file with the Department and be made available to the public. (Ord. 13-8 § 4 (Exh. A), 6/11/13)