Division 3. Applications

Chapter 17.22


17.22.010    Purpose.

17.22.020    Applicability.

17.22.030    Application Filing, Fees, and Initial Review.

17.22.040    Decision.

17.22.050    Notice of Action.

17.22.060    Effective Date of Decision.

17.22.070    Post-Decision Procedures.

17.22.080    Procedures for Revisions to a Site Plan.

17.22.090    Accessory Dwelling Unit Permit.

17.22.010 Purpose.

The Class I application is a ministerial process to verify that a proposed use or structure is allowed in the applicable zone, and complies with all of the applicable requirements and development standards. (Ord. 13-8 § 4 (Exh. A), 6/11/13)

17.22.020 Applicability.

A.    Underlying Zones. A Class I application is required to authorize uses identified by Division 5 of this title (Use Classifications and Required Parking) as being permitted in the applicable underlying zone, subject to the approval of a Class I application.

B.    Site Plan as Part of Application. Where a site plan is required in an application for a Class II, III, IV, V or VI application, the site plan shall be considered a part of the application and shall not require separate Class I approval in compliance with this chapter.

C.    Additional Requirements. The Director may require a site plan for any development of land, structure, use, or modification of standards that involves the approval of the Director and supplemental information or material as may be necessary, including revised or corrected copies of any site plan or other document previously submitted. (Ord. 13-8 § 4 (Exh. A), 6/11/13)

17.22.030 Application Filing, Fees, and Initial Review.

Applications for a Class I application shall be in compliance with Sections 17.06.040 (Multiple Applications), 17.06.060 (Application Filing and Withdrawal), 17.06.070 (Fees and Deposits), and 17.06.080 (Initial Application Review). (Ord. 13-8 § 4 (Exh. A), 6/11/13)

17.22.040 Decision.

The Director shall approve, approve with modifications, refer the request to the Commission, or deny the proposed use, development, or modification as requested in the Class I application and as indicated in the required site plan based on an assessment that the use, development of land and development standards are or are not in compliance with all applicable provisions of this code. (Ord. 13-8 § 4 (Exh. A), 6/11/13)

17.22.050 Notice of Action.

A.    Notification Requirements. The Director shall notify the applicant of the action taken on the application by first class mail, or other means deemed appropriate by the Director. Such notification may also be hand delivered to the applicant. If the project only requires an approval of the site plan, a stamp, either physical or electronic, shall constitute a notification.

B.    Time Limit for Decision. If the Director takes no action on a Class I application within ninety (90) days from the date of filing, it shall constitute a denial of such application and the Director shall send a notice to the applicant of such action.

C.    Scope of Approvals. Only legally established uses and development, authorized by an approved permit from the Department, may be used on a property per Section 17.06.180 (Scope of Approvals). (Ord. 13-8 § 4 (Exh. A), 6/11/13)

17.22.060 Effective Date of Decision.

A.    The decision of the Director on a Class I application is effective the date the site plan or letter is stamped or signed.

B.    Appeals shall be filed pursuant to Chapter 17.07 (Appeals or Certification of Review). (Ord. 13-8 § 4 (Exh. A), 6/11/13)

17.22.070 Post-Decision Procedures.

Class I application post-decision procedures shall be in compliance with Sections 17.06.200 (Use of Property before Final Action), 17.06.210 (Approvals Run with the Land), 17.06.220 (Performance Guarantees and Covenants), and 17.06.230 (Time Limits and Extensions). (Ord. 13-8 § 4 (Exh. A), 6/11/13)

17.22.080 Procedures for Revisions to a Site Plan.

Procedures for application filing, review, decision, notice of action, post-decision procedures and time limits for revisions to a site plan shall be the same as for the original site plan approved. (Ord. 13-8 § 4 (Exh. A), 6/11/13)

17.22.090 Accessory Dwelling Unit Permit.

The Class I application ministerial process shall apply to accessory dwelling units. Accessory dwelling units shall be permitted subject to the requirements of Section 17.57.040(L), Accessory Dwelling Units, and all other relevant sections of this code. Accessory dwelling units shall also comply with all State of California requirements, including California Government Code Sections 65852.2 and 65852.22. (Ord. 21-1 § 6 (Exh. A), 1/26/21)