Chapter 17.67


17.67.010    Purpose.

17.67.020    Applicability.

17.67.030    Regulations.

17.67.010 Purpose.

It is the purpose of this chapter to establish standards for temporary uses, which have characteristics and performance requirements that are not covered by the property development requirements of the zones. All temporary uses shall comply with the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 13-8 § 4 (Exh. A), 6/11/13)

17.67.020 Applicability.

Temporary uses may be allowed for permitted or conditionally permitted uses, subject to approval of a temporary use permit or conditional use permit. Temporary uses may include short-term and extended-term special events, as established in Section 17.23.200 (Temporary Use Permit). (Ord. 13-8 § 4 (Exh. A), 6/11/13)

17.67.030 Regulations.

Subject to approval of a temporary use permit, the following temporary uses are permitted and shall conform to the following requirements:

A.    Circuses, carnivals, rodeos, parades or similar outdoor entertainment or enterprises, subject to not more than five (5) calendar days of operation in any calendar year.

B.    Christmas tree sales lots, Halloween pumpkin sales, and other holiday sales operations, shall be allowed with a temporary use permit, subject to the following requirements:

1.    Hours of operation shall be limited to eight a.m. to ten p.m., unless modified by the Director;

2.    Operators shall obtain all applicable permits. This includes, but is not limited to, all City departments such as Building and Safety; and all other governing agencies such as Los Angeles County Fire, Health and Safety and Business Licensing Departments;

3.    Operation shall comply with the City’s noise ordinance;

4.    Operator shall remove all debris within fifteen (15) days after the end of the holiday;

5.    No permanent signage shall be approved, constructed or installed;

6.    All temporary lighting shall be directed downwards and away from neighboring properties;

7.    No permanent structures shall be erected as part of a holiday sales operation;

8.    Operation of a Christmas tree or pumpkin sale lot is limited to a length of forty-five (45) days per event with a maximum of two (2) events per calendar year;

9.    Parking shall be provided at the rate of one (1) space for every two thousand (2,000) square feet of lot area used for seasonal merchandise;

10.    All green waste from the holiday sales operations, including pumpkins, wreaths, Christmas trees and tree cuttings, shall be composted or disposed through the City’s trash hauler using green waste containers. Any additional waste shall be disposed of in a City-approved manner;

11.    Any temporary signage must be approved by the Director prior to installation; and

12.    One (1) full-time on-site caretaker in a recreational vehicle is permitted during the operation of a Christmas tree or pumpkin sales lot.

C.    Subdivision sales offices and model home complexes located within the subdivision may be allowed with a temporary use permit, subject to the following minimum requirements:

1.    Offices shall be no closer than one (1) vacant lot to an existing dwelling unit not part of the subdivision; trailers may be used for no more than ninety (90) calendar days or until such time as the subdivision sales offices have been completed, whichever is less;

2.    A paved parking lot with surrounding landscaping shall provide sufficient parking spaces to accommodate said use;

3.    Offices shall be allowed for a maximum of two (2) years or until ninety percent (90%) of the homes within the subdivision are sold, whichever is less;

4.    Faithful performance bonding in an amount appropriate to guarantee removal and/or conversion of the sales office and attendant facilities shall be required; and

5.    Other conditions that the Director deems necessary to assure that the sales office will not constitute a nuisance or be objectionable to the residential uses in the neighborhood.

D.    Religious, patriotic, historic, or similar displays or exhibits within yards, parking areas, or landscaped areas, subject to not more than eight (8) calendar days of display in any calendar year. Such displays are permitted in residential yards without Director approval.

E.    Outdoor art and craft shows and exhibits, subject to not more than three (3) calendar days of operation or exhibition in any sixty (60) calendar day period.

F.    Contractors’ offices and storage yards on the site of an active construction project.

G.    Mobilehome residences for security purposes on the site of an active construction project.

H.    Outside display or sales of goods, equipment, merchandise, or exhibits, in a commercial, mixed use, or industrial zone; provided, that:

1.    The display or sales shall not be conducted more than once during any thirty (30) day period nor more than four (4) times during any twelve (12) month period;

2.    Each occurrence of display or sale shall not exceed one (1) weekend or three (3) consecutive calendar days;

3.    All goods, equipment and merchandise shall be the same as those sold, or held for sale, within the business on the lot where the outside display and sales are proposed;

4.    Not more than twenty percent (20%) of the area designated for parking, as required by this code for the established business, shall be used in connection with the outside display or sales; and

5.    This provision shall not permit the outside storage of goods, equipment, merchandise, or exhibits except as otherwise may be provided by this code.

I.    Seasonal retail sale of agricultural products (fruit and vegetable stands) for periods of less than ninety (90) days.

J.    Temporary use of properly designed mobile trailer units for classrooms, offices, bands, etc., for periods not to exceed ninety (90) days subject to approval of the Director. Requests for such uses of more than ninety (90) days in duration shall require the approval of a minor use permit by the approving authority.

K.    Drop-off bins for recycling of cans, newspapers, or similar items, for drop-off of clothes and small items are prohibited.

L.    Carnivals, exhibitions, fairs, farmer’s markets, private party vehicle sales, religious services, festivals, pageants, and religious observances on property owned by or held under the control of the City or other government agency shall not require a temporary use permit. The City department or other government jurisdiction which owns or controls the property may assume jurisdiction and approve the special event subject to limitations and conditions as are deemed appropriate by said City department or governmental jurisdiction.

M.    Garage and yard sales shall not require a temporary use permit, but shall be subject to the following:

1.    All materials or goods sold must be the personal property of one (1) of the persons conducting the sale;

2.    They shall be conducted only on residential premises occupied by one (1) of the persons conducting the sale;

3.    No more than three (3) garage or yard sales shall be permitted at one (1) residential location in any calendar year. Each garage or yard sale shall not exceed three (3) consecutive days;

4.    Such sales shall not be conducted before eight a.m. or after six p.m.; and

5.    Garage and yard sale signage shall be subject to the provisions of Section 17.51.080 (Sign Regulations (Private Property)).

N.    The temporary, seasonal use of portable, metal storage containers shall be permitted for a period of time not to exceed ninety (90) days. Requests for such uses of more than ninety (90) days in duration shall require the approval of a minor use permit.

O.    Short-term events sponsored by a public agency or a religious, fraternal, educational or service organization directly engaged in civic, charitable, or public service endeavors. This provision shall not include outdoor festivals and tent revival meetings.

P.    Short-term special events shall be conducted subject to limitations and conditions as deemed appropriate by the Director during any twelve (12) month period, except where an extended time period is approved pursuant to Section 17.23.200(B)(2) (Extended-Term Temporary Use Permit).

Q.    “Weekend” in this chapter means Saturday and Sunday; national holidays observed on a Friday or Monday may be included.

R.    Other temporary uses as determined by the Director that do not exceed one (1) year in duration and do not require the construction of any permanent structures.

S.    Temporary uses in excess of one (1) year, but less than five (5) years, will be subject to a Class IV extended-term temporary use permit, pursuant to Section 17.23.200(B)(2) (Extended-Term Temporary Use Permit).

T.    Temporary uses and/or events involving the sale, cultivation, manufacturing, testing, or delivery of cannabis or products containing cannabis are prohibited. (Ord. 13-8 § 4 (Exh. A), 6/11/13; Ord. 18-3 § 2, 4/10/18; Ord. 22-9 § 5 (Exh. A), 7/12/22)