Chapter 2.12

*    For statutory provisions authorizing appointment of a superintendent of streets and a civil engineer, see Gov. Code § 36505.


2.12.010    Established.

2.12.020    Department services.

2.12.030    Director of public works.

2.12.040    Director – Powers and duties.

2.12.050    Director – Appointment.


There is established as a part of the administrative service of the city, the department of public works, which department shall perform the following services designated in this chapter.

(Prior code § 2220).


The public works department shall, under the direction of the director of public works, perform the following services:

(1)    Provide engineering services for the department of public works and such other departments of the city as may from time to time require said services;

(2)    Maintain, operate and supervise the construction of all streets, sewers and drains, flood control facilities, and bridges;

(3)    Provide for collection and disposal of all garbage and refuse;

(4)    Install and maintain parking control equipment and facilities, and provide traffic engineering services;

(5)    Perform such other services consistent with the City Charter as may be assigned from time to time by the city manager.

(Ord. 73-8 § 1 (part), 1973: prior code § 2220.1).


There is created the office of director of public works, which officer shall be the head of the public works department, and who shall be responsible for all matters relating to the public works of the city, and relating to construction, management or maintenance and operation of the physical properties of the city, except recreational areas and facilities and water facilities, which are under the supervision of the director of recreation and the water director, respectively. The director of public works shall also be the city engineer or shall appoint a qualified subordinate to act as the city engineer.

(Ord. 2002-10 § 1, 2002: Prior code § 2221).


The director of public works shall have the power to and be required to:

(1)    Supervise and be responsible for all city engineering work, including the preparation of engineering maps, surveys and designs and construction of all public works and utilities, excepting municipal water utilities;

(2)    Supervise and be responsible for the general care, maintenance, inspection and repair of streets, sidewalks, sewers, and storm drains, and related activities;

(3)    Supervise and be responsible for the maintenance and operation of all public utilities owned and operated by the city, excluding the municipal water system, but including sanitation equipment and facilities;

(4)    Perform such other duties consistent with the City Charter, this chapter and other ordinances of the city, as may be required of him by the city manager;

(5)    On vacating the office surrender to his successor all maps, plans, field notes and other records and memoranda belonging to the city and pertaining to his office and the work thereof.

(Ord. 73-8 § 1 (part), 1973: prior code § 2221.1).


To be eligible for appointment as a director of public works, the appointee shall have at least five years’ practice as a registered civil engineer in the state of California, or shall be a registered engineer in the state of California, with at least five years’ previous experience in municipal engineering.

(Prior code § 2221.2).