Chapter 5.14


5.14.010    Purpose.

5.14.020    Signs required.

5.14.030    Regulations.

5.14.010 PURPOSE.

It is the purpose of this chapter to require the posting of gasoline, diesel, and other motor fuel prices in such manner as to inform motor vehicle drivers of the price per gallon or liter in order to avoid the traffic congestion and hazards created by vehicles moving from one station to another in order to ascertain the price of motor vehicle fuels.

(Ord. 80-31 § 1, 1980: Ord. 79-30 § 1, 1979).


Every person, firm, partnership, association, trustee or corporation which owns, operates, manages, leases, or rents a gasoline service station or other facility offering for sale, selling or otherwise dispensing gasoline or other motor vehicle fuel to the public from such a facility abutting or adjacent to a street or highway, shall post or cause to be posted or displayed and maintained at such premises at least one sign, banner or other advertising medium which is clearly visible from all traffic lanes in each direction on such street or highway.

Each such sign, banner or other advertising medium shall conform to the requirements of Division 8, Chapter 7, Article 8 of the Business and Professions Code of the State of California (commencing with Section 20880) and shall be readable from said traffic lanes and shall indicate thereon the actual price per gallon or liter, including all taxes, at which each grade of gasoline or other motor vehicle fuel is currently being offered for sale, sold or otherwise dispensed, if at all, at said facility on said date.

(Ord. 80-31 § 2, 1980: Ord. 79-30 § 2, 1979).


The signs required by this chapter shall not be subject to the regulations of Chapter 24.18 of the Santa Cruz Municipal Code but shall comply with the following regulations:

(1)    Location. Every such sign shall be wholly on the owner’s property.

(2)    Number. There may be no more than one such sign for each street frontage.

(3)    Size. The maximum area of each such sign shall not exceed twenty square feet.

(Ord. 80-07, § 1, 1980: Ord. 79-30 § 3, 1979).