Chapter 5.60

*    For statutory provisions authorizing cities to license “any kind of business not prohibited by law” for purposes of regulation, see Bus. & Prof. Code § 16000.


5.60.010    Advertising – Security deposit.


No license shall be issued to any circus or menagerie, unless there shall be deposited by the applicant for said license with the city treasurer in addition to any license fee, the sum of two hundred dollars as security to the city that all advertising matter advertising said circus or menagerie, posted, tacked, painted, printed, or nailed upon any wall, window, door, gate, fence, advertising board or sign or upon any structure, or otherwise displayed in the city, shall be wholly torn down and removed and all traces thereof moved and disposed of to the satisfaction of the street superintendent within three days after the exhibition aforesaid and as further security to the city that all locations where the circus or exhibition shall be conducted or over which said circus or exhibition may have passed shall be left in a clean, tidy and sanitary condition, and that all refuse, offal, manure, matter, garbage, papers and debris shall be removed therefrom to the satisfaction of the sanitary inspector. In the event that the applicant shall fail to perform the acts for which the deposit is security, within three days after the circus or exhibition is held, then the deposit shall be forfeited into the treasury of the city and becomes the property of the city, and the applicant or licensee shall forfeit all interest therein and right thereto.

(Prior code § 6310).