Chapter 9.32


9.32.010    Findings.

9.32.020    Possession of Firearms on City Property Prohibited.

9.32.030    City Property.

9.32.040    Firearms/Ammunition.

9.32.050    Exceptions.

9.32.010 FINDINGS.

The city council finds that gunshot fatalities and injuries are a major health and safety problem in the city, as evidenced by the number of deaths and serious injuries caused by the use of firearms over the past several years. A disproportionate percentage of the victims of gun violence are young people, and illegal firearms sales are a contributing factor in the alarming increase in firearms fatalities and injuries during the 1990’s.

(Ord. 2002-27 § 1 (part), 2002).


Every person who brings onto, or possesses on, city property a firearm, loaded or unloaded, or ammunition for a firearm, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

(Ord. 2002-27 § 1 (part), 2002).


As used in this chapter, the term “city property” means real property, including any buildings thereon, owned or leased by the City of Santa Cruz (hereinafter “city”), and in the city’s possession, or in the possession of a public or private entity under contract with the city to perform a public purpose, including but not limited to real property owned or leased by the city in the unincorporated portions of Santa Cruz County, such as the Loch Lomond Reservoir, but does not include any “local public building” as defined in Penal Code Section 171b (c) where and when the state regulates possession of firearms in those buildings pursuant to Penal Code Section 171b.

(Ord. 2002-27 § 1 (part), 2002).


As used in this chapter, the term “firearm” means any gun, pistol, revolver, rifle or any device, designed or modified to be used as a weapon, from which is expelled through a barrel a projectile by the force of an explosion or other form of combustion. “Firearm” does not include imitation firearms or BB guns and air rifles as defined in Government Code section 53071.5. “Ammunition” is any ammunition as defined in Penal Code Section 12323.

(Ord. 2002-27 § 1 (part), 2002).

9.32.050 EXCEPTIONS.

This chapter shall not apply to the following:

(a)    A peace officer as defined in Title 3, Part 2, Chapter 4.5 of the California Penal Code (Sections 830 et seq.);

(b)    A guard or messenger of a financial institution, a guard of a contract carrier operating an armored vehicle, a licensed private investigator, patrol operator, or alarm company operator, or uniformed security guard as these occupations are defined in Penal Code Section 12031(d) and who holds a valid certificate issued by the Department of Consumer Affairs under Penal Code Section 12033, while actually employed and engaged in protecting and preserving property or life within the scope of his or her employment;

(c)    A person holding a valid license to carry a firearm issued pursuant to Penal Code Section 12050;

(d)    The possession of a firearm by an authorized participant in a motion picture, television, video, dance or theatrical production or event, when the participant lawfully uses the firearm as part of that production or event, provided that when such firearm is not in the actual possession of the authorized participant, it is secured to prevent unauthorized use;

(e)    A person lawfully transporting firearms or ammunition in a motor vehicle on a city street;

(f)    A person lawfully using the target range operated by the Santa Cruz Police Department;

(g)    A federal criminal investigator or law enforcement officer; or

(h)    A member of the military forces of the state of California or of the United States while engaged in the performance of his or her duty.

(Ord. 2002-27 § 1 (part), 2002).