Chapter 12.04


12.04.010    General law.

12.04.020    Street.

12.04.030    Lot.

12.04.040    Block.

12.04.050    Code.

12.04.060    Quarter block.

12.04.070    Place.

12.04.080    Parking place.

12.04.090    Paved.

12.04.100    Contractor.

12.04.110    Owner.

12.04.120    Acquisitions.

12.04.130    Work.

12.04.140    Project.

12.04.010 GENERAL LAW.

The words “general law” or the word “act” or the reference to any law or act by its title shall mean an enactment, of the Legislature of the state of California. Unless herein otherwise provided, said law shall be as now or hereafter amended or codified at the time of adopting the resolution of intention in the proceedings.

(Prior code § 1601.13).

12.04.020 STREET.

“Street” includes avenues, highways, lanes, alleys, crossings or intersections and courts which have been dedicated and accepted according to law or which have been in common and undisputed use by the public for a period of not less than five years next preceding, or which have been dedicated to a semipublic use.

(Prior code § 1601.14).

12.04.030 LOT.

“Lot,” “land,” “piece,” or “parcel of land,” whether used singly or in combination, include property owned or controlled by any person.

(Prior code § 1601.15).

12.04.040 BLOCK.

“Block,” whether it be a regular or irregular block, means a parcel larger than a lot which is bounded by a street or a boundary line of some other parcel which is not a part of it.

(Prior code § 1601.16).

12.04.050 CODE.

“Code,” unless otherwise indicated, means Chapters 12.02 through 12.50 as now or hereafter amended.

(Prior code § 1601.17).

12.04.060 QUARTER BLOCK.

“Quarter block,” when used with reference to an irregular block, includes all lots or portions of lots having any frontage on either intersecting street halfway from such intersection to the next street, or, if no street intervenes, to a boundary line of some other parcel which is not part of that block.

(Prior code § 1601.18).

12.04.070 PLACE.

“Place,” includes any public street, alley or easement or other public property which has been dedicated and accepted or is otherwise publicly owned according to law, or which has been in common and undisputed use by the public for a period of not less than five years next preceding, or which is sought to be acquired in any proceeding undertaken pursuant to Chapters 12.02 through 12.34 or which is sought to be acquired in conjunction with any proceeding undertaken pursuant hereto.

(Prior code § 1601.19).

12.04.080 PARKING PLACE.

“Parking place” includes a parking lot, garage, or subsurface structure, including the grading, paving, draining, sewering, lighting or otherwise improving of such lot, and buildings and improvements necessary or convenient for the parking of motor vehicles, including parking meters and other equipment and facilities necessary or convenient therefor, together with provisions necessary or convenient for ingress to and egress from such places.

(Prior code § 1601.20).

12.04.090 PAVED.

“Paved” or “repaved” includes pavement of any commonly used paving material.

(Prior code § 1601.21).

12.04.100 CONTRACTOR.

“Contractor” means the person, firm, partnership, association, corporation, organization or business trust, and includes contracting owners or their agents, to whom a contract for the performance of any work authorized is awarded.

(Prior code § 1601.22).

12.04.110 OWNER.

“Owner” means the person owning the fee, or the person in whose name the legal title to the property appears, by deed duly recorded in the county recorder’s office of the county in which the property is situated, or the person in possession of the property or buildings under claim of ownership, or exercising acts of ownership over the same for himself, or as life tenant, or as the executor, administrator, or guardian of the owner. If the property is leased, the possession of the tenant or lessee holding and occupying such property shall be deemed to be the possession of the owner.

(Prior code § 1601.23).


The words “acquisition” and “improvement,” when used, referring to that which is done, which is to be done, or which may be done under proceedings had under this code, shall be understood to be generic and as being employed for the purpose of brevity and to avoid repetition, and shall refer to and include any or all of the things comprehended in the meaning of the words acquire and improve herein.

(Prior code § 1601.24).

12.04.130 WORK.

“Work” or “improvement,” whether used singly or in combination, means and includes any work which is authorized to be done or any improvement which is authorized to be made under this code, as well as the construction, reconstruction and repair of all or part of any such work or improvement.

(Prior code § 1601.25).

12.04.140 PROJECT.

“Project or improvement,” when used in the generic sense, mean the acquisition and/or improvement undertaken in a singular proceeding.

(Prior code § 1601.26).