Chapter 12.10


12.10.010    Notices when expressly provided.

12.10.020    Failure to designate officer.

12.10.030    Publication.

12.10.040    Posting and mailing.

12.10.050    Where posted.

12.10.060    Mailing.

12.10.070    Notice of improvement.

12.10.080    Certificates.


No notice, nor any publication of any notice, order, resolution or other matter, other than that expressly provided for in this code, shall be necessary to give validity to any of the proceedings provided for herein.

(Prior code § 1601.31).


Whenever any notice, resolution, order or other matter is required to be published or posted or mailed, and the duty of posting or publishing or mailing, or procuring the same is not specifically enjoined upon any officer or person, the clerk shall post or procure the publication of posting thereof, as the case may be.

(Prior code § 1601.32).

12.10.030 PUBLICATION.

Notices, resolutions or other documents required to be published shall be published twice in a newspaper of general circulation in the city. If any hearing is therein noticed, the hearing shall be had not less than ten days after the first publication unless a shorter time is provided by general law.

(Prior code § 1601.33).


It shall not be necessary to post or mail any notice, resolution or other document or make or file any affidavit in regard thereto, unless no publication is provided or posting or mailing is necessary to provide jurisdiction. In such event said posting or mailing shall be at least ten days prior to any hearing provided therein unless a shorter time is provided by general law.

(Ord. NS 610 § 1, 1965: prior code § 1601.34).

12.10.050 WHERE POSTED.

All documents provided to be posted, other than a notice of improvement, shall be posted on or near the city council chamber door or on any bulletin board in or adjacent to the city hall.

(Prior code § 1601.35).

12.10.060 MAILING.

When any notice, resolution or other document is required to be mailed, it shall be mailed, postage prepaid, to the property owners involved, as follows:

(1)    To all persons owning real property proposed to be assessed, whose names and addresses appear on the last equalized assessment roll for city taxes, including the utility roll, at said addresses;

(2)    In cases of transfers of land, or parts thereof, subsequent to the date on which the last assessor’s roll was prepared, to such transferee, at his name and address, as the same appear on the records in the assessor’s office which the assessor will use to prepare the next ensuing assessor’s roll;

(3)    To each person, including the owner or person having any interest in property assessed by Article XIII of the California Constitution, who have filed with the county assessor for the current fiscal year, a statement of his name, address, and a description of the property owned by him, requesting that a notice of all proposals affecting such property shall be mailed to him (Government Code Section 58905), at said address;

(4)    To such person at his address or as otherwise known to the clerk;

(5)    In case of doubt as to the name and address of any owner, the clerk shall cause said notice to be conspicuously posted on the property of such person in the assessment district, at or near the entrance thereto, so that it will be visible to persons on, entering, leaving or passing the property.

(Ord. NS 610 § 2, 1965: prior code § 1601.36).


Notice of improvement shall be entitled “Notice of Improvement” in letters at least one-half inch in height. The city council may provide in the resolution of intention or other document fixing the hearing whether and where such notices shall be posted.

(Prior code § 1601.37).


The certificate of the clerk or officer giving notice by posting or mailing shall be conclusive proof of the giving of such notice, and no affidavit shall be required.

(Prior code § 1601.38).