Chapter 12.16


12.16.010    Force account.

12.16.020    City manager.

12.16.030    City rights.

12.16.040    Payment.

12.16.050    Bonds.

12.16.010 FORCE ACCOUNT.

The city council may, by resolution adopted by a four-fifths vote of all its members, determine and declare that in its opinion the work in question may be more economically and satisfactorily performed by day labor, and/or the materials and supplies purchased at a lower price in the open market, and to order that the same be done by force account, in the manner herein stated, without further observance of the provisions hereof with reference to the award of contract, or execution of contract or bonds.

(Prior code 1601.51).

12.16.020 CITY MANAGER.

In such case the city shall have the same rights as a contractor, and such work and improvements shall be directed by the city manager.

(Prior code § 1601.52).

12.16.030 CITY RIGHTS.

When such work shall have been completed, the city shall become the owner of the assessment made to pay the cost thereof, and of all bonds issued thereon, with like power of enforcement, as if held by a contractor. No warrant need be issued in such case.

(Prior code § 1601.53).

12.16.040 PAYMENT.

The director of public works or other city officer designated by the city council is authorized, after the assessment and diagram shall have been recorded, to collect and receive payment of the several amounts due thereon in the manner provided in such act under which the proceedings shall have been taken for, and in the place of, such contractor, and his statement of payments received, when filed, shall constitute and be in lieu of, the contractor’s return of the warrant and statement of payments received.

(Prior code § 1601.54).

12.16.050 BONDS.

Such bonds, when issued, shall be made payable to bearer.

(Prior code § 1601.55).