Chapter 12.22


12.22.010    Protests.

12.22.020    Form.

12.22.030    Legality.

12.22.040    Majority protests.

12.22.010 PROTESTS.

Objections may be made to ordering improvements or acquisitions, or to grades, or to an assessment, or the extent of the district, or to any supplemental assessment or reassessment, the legality of any act or proceedings, or to changes, or to any part of any thereof, at or before the hour set for hearing thereon.

(Prior code § 1602.1).

12.22.020 FORM.

Protests shall be in writing, signed by the protestant, contain a description of the property owned by him sufficient to identify same, and state their interest therein and the nature of the protest, and be filed with the city clerk.

(Prior code § 1602.2).

12.22.030 LEGALITY.

Objections to legality shall specify the illegality and no other illegalities need be considered.

(Prior code § 1602.3).


The city council, by the affirmative vote of four-fifths of its members, may overrule protests by the owners of more than half the area to be assessed.

(Prior code § 1602.4).