Chapter 12.26


12.26.010    Modifications.

12.26.020    Notice.

12.26.030    Protests.

12.26.040    Order.

12.26.050    Record.

12.26.060    Lien.


During the progress of the project, the legislative body may make changes in the improvements or acquisitions, the boundaries of the proposed assessment district, or the assessment or the estimate of costs, or in any of the proceedings or procedures.

(Prior code § 1602.8).

12.26.020 NOTICE.

Where said changes result in extending the boundaries of the assessment district, increasing the total amount to be collected, or increasing improvements or acquisitions therein, or in the proceedings or procedures, they shall not be ordered except after notice of its intention so to do has been posted and published in the newspaper in which the resolution of intention or notice of improvement was published, describing the proposed changes and specifying the time and place of hearing.

(Prior code § 1602.9).

12.26.030 PROTESTS.

Protests may only be made against the proposed changes.

(Prior code § 1602.10).

12.26.040 ORDER.

If no protests are made, or are found to be insufficient, or have been overruled, immediately thereon the city council may order such changes.

(Prior code § 1602.11).

12.26.050 RECORD.

The changes may be made upon the face of the plans, specifications, estimate, diagram, assessment or other document affected, or by an amended or supplemental document.

(Prior code § 1602.12).

12.26.060 LIEN.

The lien date of the original assessment shall not be affected by such order. The lien date of such changes shall be the date on which the original assessment was recorded.

(Prior code § 1602.13).