Chapter 13.04


13.04.010    Limitations on access and use or public property.

13.04.011    Hours of operation.

13.04.020    Designation of areas withdrawn.

13.04.021    Lighthouse Point.


Whenever this code or any ordinance or resolution of this city designates and describes any public property as having been withdrawn from personal access and use by members of the public, or as having been limited as to access and use by members of the public and notice thereof has been posted conspicuously on or adjacent to the property so designated, it is unlawful for any person to thereafter enter upon or use such property without permission or in a manner other than that prescribed.

(Prior code § 3636).


(a)    The parks and recreation director may, by regulation, establish hours during which any park, park road, park trail, grounds, building or facility is open to the general public. Said hours shall be established for the purpose of protecting park properties, park roads, park trails, and other areas from acts of vandalism and to prohibit the general public from engaging in unlawful activities. These provisions shall be applicable to all park properties, park roads, park trails and other areas under the jurisdiction and control of the parks and recreation director. For purposes of this chapter, the area under the jurisdiction and control of the parks and recreation director encompasses without limitation all city parks and greenbelts, all city park trails and roads, all city park facilities and buildings, including Lighthouse Field State Beach, DeLaveaga Golf Course, Main Beach, Cowell’s Beach, Steamer Lane, Harvey West Pool, the Beach Flats Community Center, the Louden Nelson Community Center, the Teen Center, the Civic Auditorium, City Hall Courtyard, Mission Plaza, the Town Clock, the Natural History Museum, the Surfing Museum, Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf, Pacific Avenue, West Cliff Drive (Pelton Street to Swanton Boulevard), the San Lorenzo River Levee and bike path, the San Lorenzo Benchlands, the inner banks of the San Lorenzo River within the City limits, the Branciforte and Cabonera Creeks within the city limits, Jessie Street Marsh, plus any other facilities or areas assigned to the parks and recreation department by the city manager. The parks and recreation commission and the San Lorenzo River committee (as appropriate) shall be consulted to obtain input on any proposed modifications to the hours of operation of parks and open spaces.

(b)    Notice of such hours of operation shall be conspicuously posted and maintained.

(c)    No one shall enter or remain in any park, building, facility, grounds or park road (except a specifically designated, and clearly marked, public access way through a park), during those hours that the place or facility is closed to the general public.

(d)    Persons found to be in violation of any provision of this section are guilty of an infraction punishable by a fine of fifty dollars. Violations occurring on separate days are separate infractions.

(Ord. 2006-09 § 1, 2006: Ord. 84-08 § 1, 1984).


There are withdrawn from public use and access those portions of the public property more particularly described in the sections immediately following, and the director of parks and recreation is directed to post notice of such withdrawal conspicuously upon or adjacent to said property. No person shall enter upon or use any portion of the public property described in the following sections.

(Ord. 87-26 § 1, 1987: prior code § 3636.1).


That portion of the public property, commonly known and referred to as Lighthouse Point (sometimes known and referred to as Santa Cruz Point), lying seaward of any fence situated along the easterly, southerly or westerly perimeters of said property.

(Ord. 87-26 § 2, 1987).