Chapter 15.48


15.48.010    Planting strips.

15.48.020    Appeal to city council.


Any paving or other treatment of outer planting strips shall be subject to the approval of the director of public works. Any person desiring to pave or otherwise treat outer planting strips with other than organic plant material, shall submit a plan or statement of the proposed improvements to the director of public works for his approval, prior to proceeding thereon. The director of public works shall approve, conditionally approve, or deny the request. If such request is approved by the director of public works, he shall set forth his approval in writing, including any conditions in connection therewith necessary to carry out the purposes of Chapters 15.04, 15.08, 15.20, 15.28, 15.32, 15.44 and 15.48. In approving such request, the director of public works shall give consideration to public safety and convenience, adequate openings for approved street trees, access to adjacent properties, and the effect upon the adjacent sidewalk and street.

“Outer planting strip,” as referred to in this section, means the area between the curb and the sidewalk which is not normally used as a walkway. Nothing herein provided shall be construed as permitting the parking of vehicles on such strips.

The paving of planting strips shall not be permitted in any location where portland cement concrete sidewalks and curbs do not exist.

(Prior code § 7225).


Any person aggrieved because of the conditions imposed, or the denial of a request, pertaining to the paving or other treatment of the outer planting strips, may appeal to the city council from the decision of the director of public works pursuant to the appellate provisions prescribed in Chapter 1.16.

(Prior code § 7225.1).