Chapter 18.20

*    For state law pertaining to power of cities to regulate removal of buildings, see Gov. Code § 38601.

    Editor’s Note: Chapter 18.20 entitled “House Moving” adopted by prior code §§ 8600 through 8615, as amended by Ord. 76-2, has been superseded in its entirety by Ordinance 84-20.


18.20.090    Permit required.

18.20.100    Contents of application for permit.

18.20.110    Fees.

18.20.120    Bond.

18.20.130    Duration of bond.

18.20.140    Obstructing streets.

18.20.150    Time for completion.

18.20.160    Penalties for violations.


It shall be unlawful for any person to move any building or structure over the public streets or alleys of the city without first filing a written application, and without first securing a permit from the building and safety division of the department of planning and community development to do so in the manner provided in this chapter.

(Ord. 2019-18 § 12, 2019: Ord. 84-20 § 1, 1984).


(a)    Applications for permits to move a building or structure shall be filed with the building and safety division of the department of planning and community development and shall contain the following:

(1)    A copy of the relocation permit issued by the Santa Cruz director of planning and community development unless the building or structure is to be moved to a location outside the city of Santa Cruz;

(2)    The route on which the building is proposed to be moved;

(3)    The loaded height of the building;

(4)    The proposed moving date and hours.

(b)    The following agencies or utilities shall be notified prior to issuing the permit:

(1)    Santa Cruz police department;

(2)    Santa Cruz fire department;

(3)    Santa Cruz superintendent of streets, department of public works;

(4)    Pacific Gas and Electric Company;

(5)    Telephone communications purveyor under franchise to the city of Santa Cruz;

(6)    Santa Cruz water department; and

(7)    Television communication purveyor under franchise to the city of Santa Cruz.

(c)    The Santa Cruz police department shall be notified of the date, time and place the building will be moved.

(Ord. 2019-18 § 13, 2019: Ord. 85-74 § 1, 1985: Ord. 84-20 § 1, 1984).

18.20.110 FEES.

A house moving fee established by resolution shall be paid to the chief building official prior to the issuance of a moving permit, which fee shall be in addition to any other fee required under the provisions of the code for constructing a building.

(Ord. 2006-03 § 2, 2006).

18.20.120 BOND.

A moving permit shall not be issued until after the person applying therefor has first delivered to the city clerk a surety bond to the city in the sum of five thousand dollars. Such bond shall be conditioned that the parties so desiring to move buildings will comply strictly with all the conditions and requirements of this chapter and of all ordinances hereafter adopted by the city council, regulating the moving of buildings or structures and the Building Code and Zoning Ordinance as the same now exist or as they may hereafter be amended, and that said party will pay any and all damages which may result by reason of any moving of buildings or structures by said party, his agent, employees or workmen, to any fence, tree, pavement, street, water line or hydrant, street sign, railroad line, or to any electric, telephone, telegraph, fire alarm, or telescription lines belonging to the city or to any company having a franchise with the city. It shall be conditioned further that said party and said principal will save, indemnify and hold harmless the city against all liabilities, damages, judgments, costs and expenses which may in any way accrue against the city in consequence of the granting or exercising of such permit and will in all things comply strictly with the conditions of such permit.

(Ord. 84-20 § 1, 1984).


Any such bond filed by any person shall operate as a bond for the purpose required by this chapter for the term of one year from the date of the filing thereof, insofar that no other or additional bond need be given by any such party for the moving of buildings or structures in the city during the period of one year.

(Ord. 84-20 § 1, 1984).


No person owning or having charge of the moving of any structure over and upon the public streets of the city, shall permit said building to stand on any street for a period longer than twenty-four hours without first having secured permission from the Santa Cruz chief of police to do so.

(Ord. 84-20 § 1, 1984).


Any building or structure, a permit for the removal whereof is granted, must be relocated onto the new site and remodeled or brought into conformity with the permit for relocation granted and the Building Code and Zoning Ordinance within six months after the issuance of such permit, or within such additional time and upon such additional terms as may be granted or imposed by the chief building official upon written application to him before the expiration of such period.

(Ord. 84-20 § 1, 1984).


(1)    Any person who violates any of the provisions of this chapter or who violates any of the terms and conditions of any permit issued pursuant to this chapter is subject to the penalties provided in Title 4 of this code, and is deemed guilty of a separate offense for each and every day during which any building moved by such person is in violation of the provisions of this chapter, or such building continues in such condition and is punishable therefor as provided in this code.

(2)    In addition to enforcing penalties for any such violation, the city may institute civil action to enjoin any violation of any provision of this chapter or secure any other appropriate legal or equitable relief, including abatement.

(3)    In addition to all other penalties imposed by this code, the moving of any building in violation of this chapter and failure to remove, remodel, relocate and complete the same in accordance with the terms of the permit shall constitute such building a public nuisance and the same may be abated by appropriate legal action.

(Ord. 2013-22 § 7, 2013: Ord. 84-20 § 1, 1984).