Chapter 23.04


23.04.010    Citation and authority.

23.04.020    Purpose.

23.04.030    Conformity.

23.04.040    Application.

23.04.050    Subdivision principles.    General.    Relationship to adjacent area.    Buildable lots.

23.04.060    Modification of requirements.

23.04.070    Notice of public hearing.


This title is adopted to supplement and implement the State Subdivision Map Act, Section 66410 et seq., of the Government Code and may be cited as the Subdivision Ordinance of the city of Santa Cruz.

(Ord. 80-42 (part), 1981).

23.04.020 PURPOSE.

The purpose of this title and any pursuant rules, regulations, and specifications hereafter adopted is to regulate and control the design and improvement of land for all purposes within the city of Santa Cruz in order to preserve and enhance the health, safety, welfare and amenities of the community.

(Ord. 80-42 (part), 1981).

23.04.030 CONFORMITY.

No lands shall be subdivided and developed for any purpose which is not in conformity with the General Plan, any specific plans for the city of Santa Cruz, or specific plans authorized by the Zoning Ordinance of the city of Santa Cruz. Subdivision procedures shall adhere to the requirements of the Growth Management Program as adopted by the city of Santa Cruz in conjunction with the 1990 General Plan. The type and intensity of land use shown on the General Plan, the zoning ordinance, or any specific plan shall determine the type of streets, roads, highways, utilities, and public services that shall be provided by the subdivider.

(Ord. 80-42 (part), 1981).

23.04.040 APPLICATION.

Regulations set forth in this title shall apply to all subdivisions or parts thereof within the city of Santa Cruz and to the preparation of subdivision maps thereof and to other maps provided for by the Subdivision Map Act. Each such subdivision and each part thereof lying within the city of Santa Cruz shall be made, and each such map shall be prepared and presented for approval, as hereafter provided for and required.

(Ord. 80-42 (part), 1981).


Sections:    General.    Relationship to adjacent area.    Buildable lots. SUBDIVISION PRINCIPLES – GENERAL.

The necessity for tentative parcel maps and tentative subdivision maps, parcel maps, and final maps shall be governed by the provisions of the Map Act and this title. A tentative and final map shall be required for all subdivisions creating five or more parcels, including community housing projects, except where expressly excluded by the Map Act. The city council shall have final jurisdiction in the approval of tentative and final subdivision maps. A tentative parcel map and a final parcel map shall be required for all subdivisions referred to herein as minor land divisions, including community housing projects creating four or fewer parcels. The zoning administrator shall have final jurisdiction in the approval of such minor land divisions. A tentative subdivision map and a final map shall be required for all other subdivisions of land or other procedures provided in the Map Act, and the city council shall have final jurisdiction in the approval of such maps. Each subdivision or minor land division shall conform to the standards and principles set forth, or referred to, in this title unless modified for good cause by the city council, the zoning board, or the zoning administrator.

(Ord. 86-19 § 1, 1986: Ord. 80-42 (part), 1981). SUBDIVISION PRINCIPLES – RELATIONSHIP TO ADJACENT AREA.

When considered necessary to demonstrate that the proposed subdivision will not preclude the most advantageous development of adjacent lands, the director of planning, the zoning board, or the city council may require the subdivider to prepare a preliminary sketch of any or all such land.


All lots created by a subdivision shall be developable for the intended use. No subdivision shall include lots which are impractical to improve for the intended use because of slope of terrain, watercourse locations, sewerage problems, excessive driveway grades, easements, or other physical conditions.

(Ord. 80-42 (part), 1981).


Whenever, in the opinion of the city council, the land involved in any subdivision is of such size or shape, or subject to such title limitations of record, or is affected by such topographical location or conditions, or is to be devoted to such use that it is impossible or impractical in the particular case for the subdivider to conform fully to the regulations contained in this title, the city council may make such modifications or exceptions thereof as, in its opinion, are reasonably necessary or expedient and in conformity with the State Subdivision Map Act. In the case of subdivisions of four or fewer units, this determination may be made by the zoning administrator.

(Ord. 86-19 § 2, 1986: Ord. 80-42 (part), 1981).


Notice for public hearings on applications for tentative subdivision maps, tentative parcel maps, and any extensions, modifications or appeals thereof shall be given according to the standard notice procedures of Section 24.04.100 of this code.

(Ord. 2006-08 § 2, 2006).