Chapter 23.12


23.12.010    General.

23.12.020    Division of land – Five or more parcels.

23.12.030    Division of land – Fewer than five parcels.    Maps required.    Waivers.

23.12.040    Fees and deposits.

23.12.010 GENERAL.

The necessity for preliminary, tentative, final, and parcel maps shall be governed by the provisions of this title.

(Ord. 80-42 (part), 1981).


Preliminary, tentative, and final maps shall be required for all divisions of land when determined by the planning director that such land may be divided into five or more parcels or a community housing project of five or more units, except as exempted by the Map Act.

(Ord. 80-42 (part), 1981).


Sections:    Maps required.    Waivers. DIVISION OF LAND – FEWER THAN FIVE PARCELS – MAPS REQUIRED.

A tentative parcel map and a parcel map shall be required for all divisions of land which create fewer than five parcels, except for:

(a)    Divisions of land created by short-term leases (terminable by either party on not more than a thirty-day notice in writing) of a portion of an operating right-of-way of a railroad corporation defined as such by Section 230 of the Public Utilities Code; provided, however, that upon a showing made to the city engineer, based upon substantial evidence that public policy necessitates such a map, this exception shall not apply;

(b)    Lot-line adjustments, provided:

(1)    The parcels resulting from the lot line adjustment will conform to the general plan, any applicable specific plan, any applicable coastal plan, zoning and building ordinances; and

(2)    A greater number of parcels than originally existed are not created by the lot line adjustment.

The zoning administrator shall review the application for a lot line adjustment and shall not impose conditions or exactions on approval except to conform to the general plan, any applicable specific plan or area plan, any applicable coastal plan, zoning or building ordinances, and except to facilitate the relocation of existing utilities, infrastructure, or easements.

No tentative map, parcel map, or final map shall be required as a condition of approval of a lot line adjustment. The lot line adjustment shall be reflected in a deed, which shall be recorded. No record of survey shall be required for a lot line adjustment unless required by Section 8792 of the state Business and Professions Code.

(Ord. 2015-04 § 1, 2015: Ord. 2006-08 § 3, 2006: Ord. 86-19 § 7, 1986: Ord. 80-42 (part), 1981). DIVISION OF LAND – FEWER THAN FIVE PARCELS – WAIVERS.

A map, in a form as required by the zoning administrator, or a certificate of compliance may be prepared for parcel map waivers in accordance with Section 23.20.050 herein.

(Ord. 86-19 § 8, 1986: Ord. 80-42 (part), 1981).


All persons submitting maps as required by this title shall pay all fees and/or deposits as provided by resolution of the city establishing fees and charges, or as otherwise provided by this title.

(Ord. 80-42 (part), 1981).