Chapter 24.20


24.20.010    Zoning map adoption.

24.20.020    Zoning district boundaries.

24.20.030    Clarification of boundaries.


The zoning map accompanying this title shall govern the administration and enforcement of all regulations, and the issuance of all permits. Said map or maps and all amendments thereto, together with all the notations, references, data, and other information shown thereon are hereby adopted and made a part of this title. Said zoning map or maps, properly attested, shall be placed and remain on file in the office of the city clerk of the city of Santa Cruz, and a copy shall be retained for public inspection in the office of the Santa Cruz city planning department. The designations, locations, and boundaries of the zoning districts set forth in this title shall be shown on the zoning map or maps of the city of Santa Cruz. The zoning map is also part of the Local Coastal Implementation Plan.

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All areas within the corporate limits of the city of Santa Cruz, whether land or water, public or private, shall be considered to be zoned and shall lie within the boundaries of a zoning district. Streets, alleys, parks, and other public or semipublic lands, as well as private lands, shall be considered to be zoned in the same classification as all other lands within the district in which they lie.

(Ord. 85-05 § 1 (part), 1985).


Where uncertainty exists as to the boundaries of any zoning district as shown on the zoning map, the following rules shall apply:

1.    Unless otherwise clearly indicated on the zoning map, the centerline of a street, alley, railroad right-of-way, river, stream, or other waterway shall be construed to be the zoning district boundary line.

2.    Unless otherwise clearly indicated on the zoning map, the zoning district boundary line shall coincide with property lines, the centerlines of blocks, or the boundary lines of public lands.

3.    Where the location of such zoning district boundary lines, as determined by the above rules, is not indicated by dimensions, such boundaries shall be located by the use of the scale appearing on the map.

4.    Where the application of the above rules does not clarify the zone boundary location, the zoning administrator shall interpret the map and, by written decision, determine the location of the zone boundary and so notify the city planning commission and the city council of his/her decision.

(Ord. 85-05 § 1 (part), 1985).