Chapter 1.16


1.16.010    County Jail prisoners may be compelled to work.

1.16.020    Work Furlough Law made operative.

1.16.030    Work Furlough Administrator—Probation officer authority.

1.16.010 County Jail prisoners may be compelled to work.

Prisoners confined in the County Jail of Santa Cruz County under judgment of conviction of misdemeanors shall when physically able, be compelled to work under the direction of a responsible person appointed by the Sheriff upon the public grounds, roads, streets, alleys, highways or public buildings, or in such other places as are deemed advisable for the benefit of the County. [Ord. 605, 1959; Ord. 9, 1884; prior code § 5.95.010].

1.16.020 Work Furlough Law made operative.

The provisions of the Work Furlough Law (Cobey Work Furlough Law), commencing at Section 1208 of the California Penal Code, are hereby made operative in the County of Santa Cruz, the Board of Supervisors finding that, on the basis of employment and education conditions, the state of the County Jail facilities and other pertinent circumstances considered by the Board, that the operation of the Work Furlough Law insofar as it relates to employment and insofar as it relates to education in the County of Santa Cruz is feasible. [Ord. 1629, 1971; prior code § 5.95.020].

1.16.030 Work Furlough Administrator—Probation officer authority.

The chief probation officer of the County is hereby designated as the officer who shall perform the functions of Work Furlough Administrator within the County. [Ord. 1629, 1971; prior code § 5.95.030].