Chapter 2.120


2.120.010    Establishment—Statutory authority.

2.120.020    Membership.

2.120.030    Term of office.

2.120.040    Organization and procedures.

2.120.050    Powers and duties.

2.120.010 Establishment—Statutory authority.

The Fire Department Advisory Commission is established under the authority of Government Code Section 31000.1 and in compliance with SCCC 2.38.060. [Ord. 4455 § 1, 1997].

2.120.020 Membership.

(A)    The Commission shall consist of seven members, residents of the County, appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

(B)    Each Supervisor shall nominate one person who may reside within the Supervisor’s district.

(C)    The remaining two members shall be at-large appointments designated for nomination by the following County departments/groups:

(1)    Volunteer company officers organization;

(2)    Santa Cruz County General Services Department. [Ord. 5419 § 1, 2022; Ord. 5067 § 1, 2010; Ord. 4798 § 1, 2005; Ord. 4760 § 1, 2004; Ord. 4455 § 1, 1997].

2.120.030 Term of office.

(A)    Each member representing a supervisorial district shall serve for a term of four years, commencing on April 1st of the year in which the member’s nominating Supervisor begins a full term.

(B)    Each designated member shall serve indefinitely, upon appointment by the department head or chair of the represented department/group. [Ord. 5279 § 19, 2018; Ord. 4455 § 1, 1997].

2.120.040 Organization and procedures.

(A)    General Organization. The Commission shall comply in all respects with SCCC 2.38.110 through 2.38.250, unless otherwise provided herein.

(B)    Staff Support. The County Fire Department shall provide staff support for the Commission.

(C)    Meetings. The Commission shall meet quarterly. Other meetings may be scheduled as determined by the Commission membership and/or by the chairperson.

(D)    Quorum. A quorum must be present in order for any matters requiring a vote to be acted on. A quorum shall be one person more than one-half of the appointed members. [Ord. 5279 § 19, 2018; Ord. 5067 § 2, 2010; Ord. 4798 § 2, 2005; Ord. 4455 § 1, 1997].

2.120.050 Powers and duties.

The Commission shall make efforts to ensure that the interests of the County Fire Department, career and volunteer fire companies and the citizens residing within County Fire Department jurisdiction are protected and promoted by monitoring, studying, and advising the County Fire Chief and the Board of Supervisors on:

(A)    The preparation and implementation of the County Fire Department master plan;

(B)    How the County’s fire protection, rescue, and emergency medical services program can be improved and made more cost effective;

(C)    The budget priorities of the County Fire Department, along with specific recommendations;

(D)    The changing role or mission of each of the volunteer fire companies, and the resulting changes in their requirements;

(E)    Such other matters relating to the County’s fire protection, rescue, and emergency medical services program as the committee desires to bring to the attention of the Fire Chief and Board of Supervisors. [Ord. 5279 § 19, 2018; Ord. 4455 § 1, 1997].