Chapter 2.21


2.21.010    Recovery of probation costs.

2.21.020    Presentence investigation payment schedule.

2.21.030    Allocation of funds.

2.21.040    Determination of probation costs.

2.21.010 Recovery of probation costs.

The provisions of Section 1203.1b of the California Penal Code relating to the recovery of the costs of probation, of presentence investigations, and of presentence reports from criminal defendants granted probation according to their ability to pay are made operative in the County of Santa Cruz. [Ord. 4088 § 1, 1990].

2.21.020 Presentence investigation payment schedule.

The Chief Probation Officer of the County shall develop a payment schedule for the reimbursement of costs of presentence investigations based on income and submit it to the presiding Judge of the Superior Court for approval. [Ord. 4546 § 7, 1999; Ord. 4088 § 1, 1990].

2.21.030 Allocation of funds.

All sums paid by a defendant pursuant to this chapter shall be allocated to the operating expenses of the County Probation Department. [Ord. 4088 § 1, 1990].

2.21.040 Determination of probation costs.

The reasonable costs of probation, of conducting the presentence investigations, and preparing the presentence reports, not exceeding the amount determined to be the actual average cost thereof, shall be established by resolution of the Board of Supervisors and set forth in the Santa Cruz unified fee schedule. [Ord. 4088 § 1, 1990].