Chapter 2.25


2.25.010    Grand jurors—Compensation.

2.25.010 Grand jurors—Compensation.

Fees and mileage for members of the grand jury of the County shall be paid as follows:

(A)    Fees shall be $15.00 a day for each day’s attendance at a meeting of the whole of the grand jury of which a quorum is present and for each day’s attendance at a meeting of a grand jury committee, including committee investigations and tours of County facilities. No more than two days’ per diem shall be paid to a grand juror for all services rendered in any one calendar week.

(B)    The rate of reimbursement for mileage shall be consistent with the mileage reimbursement applicable to County employees for each mile actually traveled.

(C)    No compensation (fees or mileage) for attendance at a meeting of the grand jury or other expenditure by the grand jury shall be paid in excess of the amount budgeted for that item in any fiscal year by the Board of Supervisors, unless such proposed expenditure is approved in advance by the presiding Judge of the Superior Court after the Board of Supervisors has been advised of the request. [Ord. 5190 § 2, 2014].