Chapter 2.34


2.34.010    Annual filing date—Who must file.

2.34.020    Compilation—Forms and regulations.

2.34.030    Requirements for new officers.

2.34.010 Annual filing date—Who must file.

Annually, on or before the date specified by the County Administrative Officer, each County officer or person in charge of any office, department, service or institution of the County, each judge, or the clerk or other administrative officer of each court of record, and the executive head of each special district whose affairs and funds are under the supervision and control of the Board of Supervisors or for which the Board is ex officio the governing body, shall file with the County Clerk, with copies thereof to the County Administrative Officer and the Auditor-Controller, an inventory under oath, showing in detail all County property in his possession or in his charge at the close of business on the preceding month end. [Ord. 1440, 1969; Ord. 626, 1960; prior code § 5.35.010].

2.34.020 Compilation—Forms and regulations.

Inventories shall be compiled upon forms provided by the Auditor-Controller, according to regulations promulgated by the County Administrative Officer. [Ord. 1440, 1969; Ord. 626, 1960; prior code § 5.35.020].

2.34.030 Requirements for new officers.

(A)    When a newly elected or appointed County officer takes office, such officer shall, on or before the expiration of 30 days succeeding his taking office, file an inventory showing in detail all County property taken into his possession or into his charge at the time of the assumption by him of his office.

(B)    In the case of appointment of an officer to an existing vacancy, the filing requirement may be satisfied by the execution by the new officer of an appropriate receipt for the items listed on the inventory filed by his predecessor within 30 days succeeding his taking office. [Ord. 1440, 1969; Ord. 626, 1960; prior code § 5.35.030].