Chapter 2.64


2.64.010    Established—Statutory authority.

2.64.020    Membership.

2.64.030    Term of office.

2.64.040    Organization and procedures.

2.64.050    Powers and duties.

2.64.010 Established—Statutory authority.

The Mobile and Manufactured Home Commission is established under the authority of Government Code Section 31000.1, and in compliance with SCCC 2.38.060. [Ord. 5278 § 19, 2018; Ord. 5066 § 2, 2010; Ord. 3855 § 1, 1987; Ord. 3194 § 1, 1982; Ord. 3144, 1981; prior code § 3.66.010].

2.64.020 Membership.

The Commission shall consist of seven persons, residents of the County, appointed by the Board of Supervisors:

(A)    One member shall be nominated by the Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association to represent mobile home park owners, managers and operators;

(B)    One member shall be nominated by the Golden State Manufactured-Home Owners League, to represent mobile home tenants;

(C)    Each Supervisor shall nominate one person, who may reside within the Supervisor’s district, and who shall possess knowledge of the mobile home community and the issues affecting mobile home parks and residents. [Ord. 5278 § 19, 2018; Ord. 3855 § 1, 1987; Ord. 3144, 1981; prior code § 3.66.030].

2.64.030 Term of office.

(A)    Each member representing a supervisorial district shall serve for a term of four years, commencing on April 1st of the year in which the member’s nominating Supervisor begins a full term.

(B)    Each at-large member shall serve for a term of four years, staggered in accordance with SCCC 2.38.100(A)(2), with such staggering determined by lot, or until replaced by the nominating body. [Ord. 3855 § 1, 1987; Ord. 3144, 1981; prior code § 3.66.040].

2.64.040 Organization and procedures.

(A)    General Organization. The Commission shall comply in all respects with SCCC 2.38.110 through 2.38.250, unless otherwise provided herein.

(B)    Staff Support. The County’s Commissions Coordinator shall serve as administrative staff to the Commission and shall provide to the Board of Supervisors copies of all minutes, reports and recommendations of the Commission. [Ord. 5278 § 19, 2018; Ord. 4310 § 1, 1994; Ord. 3855 § 1, 1987; Ord. 3144, 1981; prior code § 3.66.050].

2.64.050 Powers and duties.

The Commission shall perform the following duties:

(A)    Study proposed State and Federal legislation relating to mobile home living, and make recommendations regarding such legislation to the Board of Supervisors;

(B)    Assess the needs of persons living in mobile homes and make recommendations to the Board on matters under the Board’s jurisdiction;

(C)    Make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors no later than September 1st of each year pursuant to SCCC 13.32.092;

(D)    Consider and advise the Board of Supervisors on other matters related to mobile home living;

(E)    Hold meetings in mobile home parks within the County, to increase the ability of interested citizens to participate in the work of the Commission;

(F)    Accept public input on any matter within the jurisdiction of the Commission. [Ord. 3855 § 1, 1987; Ord. 3620 § 27, 1985; Ord. 3194 § 2, 1982; Ord. 3144, 1981; prior code § 3.66.020].