Chapter 2.82


2.82.010    Established—Statutory authority.

2.82.020    Membership.

2.82.030    Term of office.

2.82.040    Organization and procedures.

2.82.050    Powers and duties.

2.82.010 Established—Statutory authority.

The Agricultural Policy Advisory Commission is established under the authority of Government Code Section 25208, in compliance with Chapter 2.38 SCCC. [Ord. 2521, 1978; prior code § 3.59.010].

2.82.020 Membership.

(A)    The Commission shall consist of five members, residents of the County, appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Each Supervisor shall nominate one person to serve on the Commission. Membership on the Commission shall be open to those who are active in the production of agricultural commodities or a related agricultural industry.

(B)    There shall be, in addition, two liaison members appointed, the County Director of Agricultural Extension, and the County Agricultural Commissioner, who shall have seats on the Commission but not vote. [Ord. 2521, 1978; prior code § 3.59.030].

2.82.030 Term of office.

Each member shall serve for a term of four years, commencing April 1st of the year in which the member’s nominating Supervisor begins a full term. [Ord. 2521, 1978; prior code § 3.59.040].

2.82.040 Organization and procedures.

(A)    General Organization. The Commission may establish its own rules and procedures insofar as they comply in all respects with the provisions of Chapter 2.38 SCCC. The Commission may also, from time to time, consult with authorities in the field.

(B)    County Staff. The Agricultural Commissioner’s Department shall provide staff support for the Commission. The Director of the Department, or his designate, shall serve as Administrative Secretary to the Commission, and shall receive copies of all minutes, reports and recommendations submitted to the Board of Supervisors by the Commission.

(C)    Planning Department Support. With regard to Commission duties under subsection (B) of this section, the Planning Department shall cooperate in providing staff support for the Commission. Such support shall consist of application receipt and processing, staff report preparation, and presentation of appeals of Agricultural Policy Advisory Commission decisions to the Board of Supervisors. [Ord. 2677, 1979; Ord. 2521, 1978; prior code § 3.59.050].

2.82.050 Powers and duties.

The Commission shall exercise the following responsibilities:

(A)    Advise and assist the Board of Supervisors by providing information on the County’s agricultural industry, and evaluating matters referred to the Commission by the Board;

(B)    Review, in cooperation with the Planning Department, proposed development projects having the potential to affect agricultural lands, as designated on the County’s Agricultural Resources Map. Such review shall consist of buffer setback determinations, recommendations regarding land division proposals for Type 1a agricultural land, and recommendations regarding proposed amendments to the agricultural land type designations as shown on the Agricultural Resources Map. The Commission shall also perform the functions specified in Chapter 13.14 SCCC. [Ord. 2677, 1979; Ord. 2521, 1978; prior code § 3.59.020].