Chapter 2.88


2.88.010    Established—Statutory authority.

2.88.020    Membership.

2.88.030    Bylaws.

2.88.040    Powers and duties.

2.88.010 Established—Statutory authority.

The County Deferred Compensation Advisory Commission is established under the authority of California Government Code Section 53212, et seq., the United States Tax Reform Act of 1978, Section 457, and Santa Cruz County Deferred Compensation Plan, Section 6. [Ord. 4207 § 1, 1992; Ord. 2732, 1979; prior code § 3.63.010].

2.88.020 Membership.

The Commission shall consist of eight members, appointed by the Board of Supervisors, with one member to be nominated by each of the following officials and organizations: the County Administrative Officer, the County Counsel, the Auditor-Controller, the Personnel Director, the Treasurer-Tax Collector, the Santa Cruz County Management Association, the Service Employees Union International, and the operating engineers. Representatives shall serve at the pleasure of their nominating authority, and further serve subject to the provisions of SCCC 2.38.080 through 2.38.100. [Ord. 4015 § 1, 1989; Ord. 2732, 1979; prior code § 3.63.040].

2.88.030 Bylaws.

The Deferred Compensation Commission shall adopt bylaws for the conduct of its business, subject to approval by the Board of Supervisors. [Ord. 2732, 1979; prior code § 3.63.030].

2.88.040 Powers and duties.

The Commission shall be responsible for the operation of the County deferred compensation plan, according to its terms and conditions and applicable regulations and provisions of the County and of the United States. The Commission may also formulate proposed amendments to the deferred compensation plan to be forwarded to the Board of Supervisors for final adoption. The Deferred Compensation Advisory Commission shall select various funding options available under the County deferred compensation plan. [Ord. 2732, 1979; prior code § 3.63.020].