Chapter 3.16


3.16.010    Classification plan—Contents—Adoption.

3.16.020    Classification plan—Basis.

3.16.030    Classification plan—Availability.

3.16.040    Positions covered.

3.16.050    Class specifications.

3.16.060    Allocation of positions to classes.

3.16.070    Use of class titles.

3.16.080    Creation of new positions.

3.16.090    Extra help—Classification.

3.16.100    Change in classification—Notice and hearing.

3.16.110    Reclassification.

3.16.120    Delegation of classification actions.

3.16.010 Classification plan—Contents—Adoption.

The classification plan shall consist of all County positions as grouped into classes as described by approved class specifications. The classification plan shall be adopted and may be revised as conditions require. The Director of the Personnel Department shall analyze the duties and responsibilities of all positions and shall recommend rules for the administration of the classification plan and for allocation of positions to classes. [Ord. 5298 § 4, 2019; Ord. 2614, 1979; prior code § 4.10.010].

3.16.020 Classification plan—Basis.

All positions having substantially the same duties and responsibilities, requiring substantially the same qualifications, to which the same descriptive title can fairly be applied and which can properly be subject to the same salary schedule, shall be included in a single class. [Ord. 2614, 1979; prior code § 4.10.030].

3.16.030 Classification plan—Availability.

Copies of the classification plan are available for inspection in the Personnel Department during office hours. [Ord. 2614, 1979; prior code § 4.10.020].

3.16.040 Positions covered.

All regular positions, except elected officials, shall be classified according to their duties and responsibilities. [Ord. 2614, 1979; prior code § 4.10.070].

3.16.050 Class specifications.

The classification plan shall include a class specification for each class. Each class specification will include the following information:

(A)    Class title;

(B)    A brief definition or description of the scope and nature of the class;

(C)    A detailed statement of tasks assigned to positions within the class; the statement shall be for illustrative purposes only and shall not be regarded as completely inclusive or exclusive for the purpose of designating assigned tasks;

(D)    A statement of the education, experience, knowledge, skills, abilities, and physical characteristics required or deemed desirable in the class;

(E)    A statement, where necessary, of the particular factors or features which distinguish one class from other related classes. [Ord. 5298 § 4, 2019; Ord. 2614, 1979; prior code § 4.10.050].

3.16.060 Allocation of positions to classes.

Positions shall be allocated to their appropriate class upon comparison of the duties and responsibilities of the position with the class specifications. If the position cannot be properly allocated to any existing class, then the creation of a new class shall be proposed. [Ord. 2830, 1979; Ord. 2614, 1979; prior code § 4.10.040].

3.16.070 Use of class titles.

The class titles established in the classification plan shall be used in all official records of the County relating to personnel transactions. [Ord. 2614, 1979; prior code § 4.10.060].

3.16.080 Creation of new positions.

(A)    Whenever any appointing authority desires to have created any new position, a request and a specific description of the duties of the position shall be made in writing to the County Administrative Officer.

(B)    If the County Administrative Officer agrees with the appointing authority, the County Administrative Officer shall make a report and recommendation to the Board as to the need for such a new position. If the position is allowed, the Board shall refer the position to the Personnel Director for classification.

(C)    For purposes of this section, a “new position” is defined as one which is not identified in the approved budget of the affected department. [Ord. 5310 § 3, 2019; Ord. 5298 § 4, 2019; Ord. 4339 § 2, 1994; Ord. 2830, 1979; Ord. 2614, 1979; prior code § 4.10.080].

3.16.090 Extra help—Classification.

In employing extra help, the department head shall notify the Personnel Director and recommend the appropriate classification to be used, said classification being the lowest consistent with the requirements of the job. [Ord. 5298 § 4, 2019; Ord. 2614, 1979; Ord. 489, 1956; prior code § 4.10.120].

3.16.100 Change in classification—Notice and hearing.

Any employees affected by any change in the classification plan or in the allocation of their position shall be notified of the intent to take such action by their department and shall be given a reasonable opportunity to be heard by the Director or, on appeal, by the Commission. [Ord. 2847, 1980; Ord. 2614, 1979; prior code § 4.10.110].

3.16.110 Reclassification.

(A)    Whenever any appointing authority believes that the duties and responsibilities of any position under their jurisdiction warrant allocation to a different existing class or to a class not included in the existing classification plan, a written request with a specific recommendation and a specific description of the duties shall be made to the Personnel Director.

(B)    The Personnel Director may initiate reclassification studies based on a written request from an employee or based on the Personnel Director’s own initiative. [Ord. 5298 § 4, 2019; Ord. 2830, 1979; Ord. 2614, 1979; prior code § 4.10.090].

3.16.120 Delegation of classification actions.

(A)    Notwithstanding other provisions of these rules, the authority to classify or reclassify positions, and to create, modify and abolish classes and class specifications is delegated to the Personnel Director subject to the following:

(1)    The duties of the position are consistent with the class specification approved for the class;

(2)    The change does not result in a new program or service or departmental reorganization which has not been approved by the Board of Supervisors;

(3)    The operating department head involved agrees with the proposed action;

(4)    The union agrees, if the position is in their bargaining unit.

(B)    A quarterly report shall be submitted to the Civil Service Commission showing all classification actions taken under the delegated authority authorized above.

(C)    If the action is to abolish an existing class or to create a new class, the action is final upon approval by the Board. [Ord. 5298 § 4, 2019; Ord. 3049, 1981; Ord. 2830, 1979; Ord. 2614, 1979; prior code § 4.10.100].