Title 4


4.02    Business License Tax

4.04    Real Property Transfer Tax

4.06    Cannabis Business Tax

4.08    Reassessment of Damaged Property

4.09    Repealed

4.10    Single-Use Cup Tax

4.12    Repealed

4.16    Hearing Prior to Sale of Property Seized by Tax Collector

4.20    Sales and Use Tax

4.22    Transactions and Use Tax

4.23    County Parks Funding

4.24    Uniform Transient Occupancy Tax

4.25    Repealed

4.26    Charges for Extended Services Within County Service Areas

4.27    Fees for Services and Activities of County Service Areas 4 and 48

4.28    Emergency Response Fee

4.36    Receipting and Deposits

4.40    Public Assistance Warrants

4.48    Repealed

4.50    Administrative Cancellation of Supplemental Tax Bills and Prohibition on Certain Escape Assessments

4.60    Returned Check Fee on Property Tax Payments