Chapter 4.36


4.36.010    Fee for return of bad checks.

4.36.020    Fee for 1915 Improvement Act bond alternative payoff procedure computations.

4.36.030    Receipts—Control and distribution.

4.36.040    Written receipt issuance.

4.36.050    Deposit of moneys and fees.

4.36.010 Fee for return of bad checks.

Every County officer or employee shall impose a charge established by Board resolution in addition to the underlying license fee, permit fee, fine or other obligation imposed by law, whenever a personal check drawn in favor of the County of Santa Cruz, or any department, board, body, agency or officer thereof, in payment of any obligation owing to the County other than a bail deposit, is returned unpaid by the bank upon which it was drawn for any reason. In addition, the officer or employee may prescribe a different method of payment for such person with respect to current and future payments on said fee, fine or obligation. Every such charge for a returned personal check so collected shall be credited to the County general fund, unless otherwise directed by law. [Ord. 2384, 1977; Ord. 2635, 1979; prior code § 5.70.040].

4.36.020 Fee for 1915 Improvement Act bond alternative payoff procedure computations.

The Auditor shall impose a fee established by resolution of the Board of Supervisors, payable in advance, whenever the Auditor is requested by a private individual, partnership or corporation to compute the cost of paying off a 1915 Improvement Act bond pursuant to the provisions of Part 11.1 of said Act (“Alternative Procedure for Collecting Assessments and Advance Retirement of Bonds,” Streets and Highways Code Sections 8760 through 8769). Said fee shall be applied to the payoff of the assessment bond if payment in full is received within 30 days of completion of the requested computation; if no such payment is received within that time, the fee shall be deposited in the general fund. [Ord. 5291 § 10, 2019; Ord. 2504, 1977; prior code § 5.70.050].

4.36.030 Receipts—Control and distribution.

The Auditor shall be charged with the responsibility of controlling and distributing all official County receipts. [Ord. 5291 § 10, 2019; Ord. 950, 1964; prior code § 5.70.020].

4.36.040 Written receipt issuance.

Every officer and employee of the County who is or may be authorized by State law or by this code to collect or receive any moneys, fees or charges arising out of their employment shall forthwith issue an official County receipt and copies thereof shall be prepared and issued in the manner and on forms prescribed by the Auditor. [Ord. 5291 § 10, 2019; Ord. 950, 1964; prior code § 5.70.010].

4.36.050 Deposit of moneys and fees.

All moneys, fees and charges collected by any County department, officer or employee shall be deposited intact daily in the Treasury of the County unless otherwise provided in writing by the Auditor. [Ord. 5291 § 10, 2019; Ord. 950, 1964; prior code § 5.70.030].