Title 9


Division I. Vehicles and Traffic

9.04    General Provisions

9.08    Speed Limits

9.12    Through Highways

9.16    Limited-Access Thoroughfares

9.20    One-Way Streets

9.24    Private Roads

9.28    Stop Intersections

9.32    Yield Right-of-Way Intersections

9.36    Parking

9.37    Parking in Beach Areas

9.40    Dominican Hospital Parking Facilities

9.42    Soquel Village Parking and Business Improvement Area

9.43    Regulation of Parking in Soquel Village

9.44    Live Oak Beach Permit Parking Zone

9.45    Felton Library Parking Only Zone

9.46    Fall Creek Permit Parking Zone

9.48    Weight Limits for Vehicles

9.50    Vehicle Length Restrictions

9.52    Off-Road Motor Vehicles

9.54    Regulation of Motorized Bicycles and Motorized Scooters

9.56    Repealed

9.57    Abandoned Vehicles on Streets and Highways

Division II. Roads

9.70    Streets and Roads

9.74    Underground Utility Districts

9.80    Street Trench Cut Cost Recovery Fee