Chapter 9.32


9.32.010    Intersections designated.

9.32.010 Intersections designated.

The following intersections are designated yield right-of-way intersections. Yield signs shall be posted on the approaches on either side of the roads listed in this section at the indicated intersecting roads, and traffic on said approaches shall yield the right-of-way:

On Buena Vista Drive, at Freedom Boulevard;

On Casserly Road, at State Route 152;

On College Road, at Lakeview Drive;

On Commercial Way, at Soquel Drive;

On East Cliff Drive, at:

(1)    East Cliff Drive,

(2)    7th Avenue;

On Glen Canyon Road, at Branciforte Drive;

On Graham Hill Road, at Mount Hermon Road;

On Ledyard Way, at Mesa Drive;

On Los Altos Drive, at Gay Road;

On Mar Monte Avenue, at Larkin Valley Road;

On Mount Hermon Road, at:

(1)    Graham Hill Road,

(2)    Lockhart Gulch;

On Poplar Street, at Maple Street;

On Portola Drive, at:

(1)    41st Avenue,

(2)    17th Avenue;

On Quail Hollow Road, at Glen Arbor Road;

On Redwood Drive, at San Lorenzo Avenue;

On Rio del Mar Boulevard, at Rio del Mar Boulevard;

On San Andreas Road, at Seascape Boulevard;

On Seascape Boulevard, at San Andreas Road;

On Soquel Avenue, at Soquel Drive;

On Soquel Drive, at:

(1)    Park Avenue,

(2)    Porter Street,

(3)    State Park Drive;

On State Park Drive, at Soquel Drive. [Ord. 5316 § 6, 2019; Ord. 4520 § 7, 1998; Ord. 4436 § 1, 1996].