Chapter 12.04


12.04.010    Purpose.

12.04.020    Preliminary requirements.

12.04.030    Application procedure.

12.04.040    Processing procedure.

12.04.050    Findings.

12.04.060    Conditions.

12.04.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to regulate the relocation of a group or series of existing dwelling structures from any building site to another building site which is within the unincorporated area. [Ord. 3426 § 1, 1983; Ord. 3067, 1981].

12.04.020 Preliminary requirements.

(A)    Any person or persons moving two or more units to or from any lot or lots within any calendar year shall be subject to the provisions of this chapter.

(B)    If any structure which is proposed to be relocated was not a legal dwelling unit on January 1, 1979, the applicant shall obtain a residential building permit allocation for it or demonstrate that an allocation was issued for its original construction either in the unincorporated County area or in another jurisdiction having a similar allocation process.

(C)    Relocation of five or more dwellings to the same or contiguous parcels shall be subject to the requirement that 15 percent of the units must meet the County’s affordable housing requirements as stated in SCCC 17.10.030. [Ord. 3426 § 1, 1983; Ord. 3067, 1981].

12.04.030 Application procedure.

(A)    Any person who wishes to relocate more than one single-family or multiple-family dwelling in any one calendar year shall first obtain a relocation approval processed according to Chapter 18.10 SCCC, Level III, a special inspection, and a moving and building permit from Inspection Services.

(B)    The permit application shall include a completed application form; a dimensioned site plan of the proposed new location drawn to scale and showing all existing and proposed structures; photographs showing the front, sides, and rear of the structure; specifications for proposed wall and roof materials and colors; and an application fee determined by resolution of the Board of Supervisors. [Ord. 3426 § 1, 1983; Ord. 3067, 1981].

12.04.040 Processing procedure.

(A)    The application shall first be referred to the Building Official for a special inspection to determine whether each dwelling is of standard construction and is structurally sound.

(B)    If the Building Official determines that the buildings are suitable for moving, the approving body shall determine whether the dwellings, their proposed location, and their intended use will comply with County policies and regulations.

(C)    Before the approving body authorizes the issuance of a relocation permit, the procedure for Level III processing described in Chapter 18.10 SCCC shall be followed and a notice containing the same information as the mailed notice shall be posted on the proposed site. [Ord. 3426 § 1, 1983; Ord. 3067, 1981].

12.04.050 Findings.

The following findings shall be made prior to granting approvals pursuant to this chapter in addition to the findings required for the issuance of a development permit in accordance with SCCC 18.10.230(A).

(A)    On completion of the installation, the structure will meet applicable provisions of the Uniform Building Code as determined by the Building Official; and

(B)    The design of the installation will be compatible with the character of the surrounding neighborhood; and

(C)    The project will comply with the County’s affordable housing regulations. [Ord. 3426 § 1, 1983; Ord. 3067, 1981].

12.04.060 Conditions.

A relocation permit may be issued subject to appropriate required conditions such as:

(A)    Posting of a cash deposit, an assigned savings account, or a surety bond of $1,500 to cover any costs incurred by the County of Santa Cruz to obtain compliance with the conditions of the permit, including reasonable attorney’s fees.

(B)    Compliance with the affordable housing requirements as stated in SCCC 17.10.030.

(C)    Providing adequate parking and maneuvering space.

(D)    Use of certain exterior materials, colors, and textures on the walls and roof.

(E)    Planting and maintenance of certain landscaping materials.

(F)    Erosion control and site restoration on the vacated parcel. [Ord. 3426 § 1, 1983].