Chapter 3.12


3.12.010    Repealed.

3.12.020    Traffic safety fund.

3.12.030    Capital facilities account fund.

3.12.010 Petty cash fund established.

Repealed by Ord. 293. (Ord. 44 § 1, 1987; 1987 Code § 3.24.010)

3.12.020 Traffic safety fund.

A special traffic safety fund is established in accordance with Vehicle Code Section 42200 for the purpose of depositing therein all moneys received as a result of arrests for Vehicle Code misdemeanor violations by an officer employed by the city. Expenditures from this fund shall be made only for traffic control devices and the maintenance thereof, equipment and supplies for traffic law enforcement and traffic prevention, and maintenance, improvement or construction of public streets, bridges and culverts within the city. The fund shall not be used to pay the compensation of school crossing guards. (Ord. 44 § 1, 1987; 1987 Code § 3.24.020)

3.12.030 Capital facilities account fund.

Pursuant to Government Code Section 53077 a capital facilities account fund is established. Whenever the city requires the payment of a fee in order to provide an improvement to be constructed to serve a residential development as a condition of approving the development, the fee shall be deposited into the capital facilities account fund. Money in the capital facilities account fund shall not, except for temporary investments, be commingled with other moneys of the city, and shall be expended solely for the purpose for which the fee was collected. Any interest earned on money in the capital facilities account fund shall be deposited in that fund and spent for the purposes authorized in this section. (Ord. 44 § 1, 1987; 1987 Code § 3.24.030)