Chapter 4.45


4.45.010    Purpose and intent.

4.45.020    County enforcement of city ordinance.

4.45.030    Adoption of county ordinance.

4.45.040    Fees.

4.45.010 Purpose and intent.

Wholesale food warehouses are not adequately regulated by the state of California. Recent inspections of some of these warehouses by the county of San Diego have revealed rodent infestations, mishandling of recalled food, and other conditions that could lead to foodborne illness. The county has responded to these problems by enacting Ordinance No. 9525 (New Series), which established a mandatory permit program, a permit fee, and regulatory requirements applicable to wholesale food warehouses.

The food stored in wholesale food warehouses is frequently distributed across city boundaries. An effective regional food warehouse permitting and regulatory program requires enactment of a regulatory ordinance in this city that parallels the county ordinance, and cooperation between the city and the county to implement that ordinance. (Ord. 306 § 1, 2003)

4.45.020 County enforcement of city ordinance.

The city has an agreement in place with the county that provides for certain services related to public health and sanitation to be provided by the county within the city. The city desires that the county also implement the permitting and regulatory program established by this chapter. The city manager is authorized to enter into any supplemental or modified agreement with the county that may be needed to effect this purpose. (Ord. 306 § 2, 2003)

4.45.030 Adoption of county ordinance.

The provisions of the County Code of Regulatory Ordinances concerning permitting and regulation of wholesale food warehouses, codified at Sections 61.211 through 61.256 of the County Code, are incorporated into this code by reference. (Ord. 411 § 25, 2010; Ord. 306 § 3, 2003)

4.45.040 Fees.

The county shall retain all fees and charges collected by it from regulated wholesale food warehouse owners or operators pursuant to this code. (Ord. 306 § 4, 2003)


Code reviser’s note: Ord. 306 added this chapter as Chapter 4.47 SBMC. It has been editorially renumbered to avoid duplication.