Chapter 7.18


7.18.010    Novelty lighters – Prohibition – Enforcement.

7.18.010 Novelty lighters – Prohibition – Enforcement.

A. Prohibition. The retail sale, offer of retail sale, gift or distribution of any novelty lighter within the territorial jurisdiction of the city of Solana Beach is prohibited. Excluded from this prohibition are:

1. Novelty lighters which are being actively transported through the city;

2. Novelty lighters located in a warehouse closed to the public for purposes of retail sales; and

3. Lighters that were manufactured prior to 1980.

B. Definition. “Novelty lighter” means a lighter which is especially attractive to children 10 years or younger due to a toy-like design or other features, such as buttons or devices that initiate visual effects, flashing lights, or musical sounds that might encourage a child to use the lighter. “Novelty lighter” does not include a lighter that lacks fuel or a device necessary to produce combustion or a flame.

C. Enforcement. The provisions of this chapter shall be enforced by the San Diego County sheriff’s department, the city of Solana Beach fire department, and any other authorized representative of the city. All violations shall be punishable as an infraction in accordance with Chapter 1.16 SBMC. (Ord. 367 § 1, 2007)