Chapter 16.36


16.36.010    Purpose of chapter.

16.36.020    Applicability.

16.36.030    Application.

16.36.040    Approval.

16.36.050    Revised adjustment plat.

16.36.060    Conditions of approval.

16.36.070    Certification.

16.36.080    Appeal.

16.36.010 Purpose of chapter.

The purpose of this chapter is to provide a simplified procedure for the adjustment of property boundaries or the consolidation of legally existing adjacent lots or parcels where the land taken from one adjacent parcel is added to another adjacent parcel and where no additional lots or parcels will result. (Ord. 101 Exh. A, 1989)

16.36.020 Applicability.

Notwithstanding any other provisions of this title to the contrary, the procedure set forth in this chapter shall govern the processing of and requirements for adjustment plats. An adjustment plat may be filed in accord with the provisions of this chapter to adjust the boundaries between two or more adjacent parcels, provided the city engineer determines that the boundary adjustment does not:

A. Create any additional lots;

B. Include a lot or parcel created illegally unless a certificate of compliance pursuant to Chapter 16.44 SBMC has been approved and recorded for such lot or parcel;

C. Impair any existing access or create a need for a new access to any adjacent lot or parcel;

D. Impair any existing easement or create need for a new easement;

E. Violate the provisions of this code;

F. Alter the city limit boundary;

G. Require substantial alterations of existing public improvements or create a need for a new public improvement;

H. Adjust the boundary between lots or parcels which are subject to an agreement for public improvements unless the city engineer finds that the proposed adjustment plat will not materially affect such agreement or the security therefor. (Ord. 101 Exh. A, 1989)

16.36.030 Application.

An application for approval of an adjustment plat shall be filed with the city engineer accompanied by such information as the city engineer may require and by a fee established by city council resolution. That application shall also be accompanied by an adjustment plat of a size and form prescribed by the city engineer which shall bear the signature of the owners of the property involved and by a title report for the property. The city engineer may refer copies of such plat to other public agencies for review and comment. (Ord. 101 Exh. A, 1989)

16.36.040 Approval.

After an application for approval of an adjustment plat has been filed in accord with this chapter, the city engineer may approve, conditionally approve or disapprove such plat. The applicant shall be notified in writing of the city engineer’s action. (Ord. 101 Exh. A, 1989)

16.36.050 Revised adjustment plat.

A revised adjustment plat shall be submitted for approval when the city engineer finds that the number or nature of any changes necessary for approval are such that they cannot be shown clearly or simply on the original adjustment plat. When required, the failure to file a revised adjustment plat within six months from the date of the conditional approval of the original plat shall terminate all proceedings. (Ord. 101 Exh. A, 1989)

16.36.060 Conditions of approval.

The city engineer may impose conditions or exactions on the approval of an adjustment plat to the extent that the conditions or extractions are necessary to ensure compliance with the applicable provisions of the city’s building and zoning laws, or to facilitate the relocation of existing utilities, infrastructure or easements. The conditions imposed by the city engineer shall be satisfied prior to the recordation of the adjustment plat or such other document authorized by law to effectuate the lot line adjustment. (Ord. 101 Exh. A, 1989)

16.36.070 Certification.

A. If the city engineer determines that the adjustment plat meets all the requirements of this code and that any conditions imposed have been satisfied, he shall certify on the adjustment plat that it has been approved pursuant to this chapter, notify the director of community development, file it in the engineering department and cause to be filed with the county recorder, a certificate of compliance, having as an attachment a copy of the approved adjustment plat.

B. In addition to the procedures established by subsection A of this section, a lot line adjustment may be effectuated by the recordation of the deed or record of survey; provided, however, that such deed or record of survey shall not be recorded unless it contains a certification by the city engineer that all the requirements of this chapter and any condition imposed pursuant to this chapter have been satisfied and further provided that a copy of the adjustment plat shall be attached to the deed or record of survey. (Ord. 101 Exh. A, 1989)

16.36.080 Appeal.

Any interested person may appeal any action of the city engineer pursuant to this chapter to the city council as provided in SBMC 16.24.140. (Ord. 101 Exh. A, 1989)