Chapter 17.32


17.32.010    Purpose and intent.

17.32.020    Permitted uses and structures.

17.32.030    Property development regulations.

17.32.040    Off-street parking requirements.

17.32.050    Landscaping requirements.

17.32.010 Purpose and intent.

The public institutional zone (PI) is intended to provide areas for civic, public safety, or public utility uses as designated in the Solana Beach general plan. Such uses include schools, fire stations, churches, public parking facilities and reservoirs. Development within the public institutional zone typically requires a conditional use permit to ensure compatibility with adjacent residential neighborhoods and to minimize potential adverse impacts. (Ord. 185 § 2, 1993)

17.32.020 Permitted uses and structures.

A. Principal and Conditional Uses. The uses permitted in the public institutional zone shall be as indicated in SBMC 17.12.020 (Use Regulations Matrix) Table 17.12.020-A. Permitted, conditional, and prohibited uses are indicated as follows:

“PL”    indicates that the use shall be permitted subject to the limitations set forth in subsection B of this section.

“C”    indicates that the use is subject to a conditional use permit issued by the director of community development in accordance with SBMC 17.68.010 (Conditional Use Permits).

“CC”    indicates that the use is subject to a conditional use permit issued by the city council in accordance with SBMC 17.68.010 (Conditional Use Permits).

“E”    indicates that the use shall be prohibited within the zone.

In the event a use is not specifically listed in Table 17.12.020-A, the director of community development shall have the authority to categorize such use in accordance with the procedure outlined in SBMC 17.12.030 (Use Determination).

B. Use Limitations. The following limitations shall apply to the uses identified below:

1. Restaurants (without bars or cocktail lounges) and accessory food service/concession stands shall be allowed in the (PI) zone as an accessory use; provided such use does not occupy more than 25 percent of the total gross floor area of the principal structures.

2. Upon issuance of a city council conditional use permit, minor incidental retail and office commercial uses shall be allowed in the public institutional zone as an accessory use; provided such use(s) do not occupy more than 10 percent of the total gross floor area of the principal structures and that the combined commercial and restaurant uses allowed in this zone do not exceed 25 percent of the total gross floor area of the principal structures.

C. Accessory Uses and Structures.

1. The following accessory uses and structures shall be permitted on the same lot or premises as the principal use, as set forth below:

a. Accessory uses as identified in subsection B above;

b. Parking lots and/or garages to accommodate vehicles owned by employees, customers, residents, clients or guests of the principal use;

c. Incidental storage structures;

d. Signs in accordance with Chapter 17.64 SBMC.

2. All attached accessory structures shall be made structurally a part of the principal structure, be composed of materials which are visually compatible with the principal structure and shall comply in all respects with the requirements applicable to the principal structure.

3. Detached accessory structures shall comply with all of the following requirements:

a. Shall not exceed a height of 15 feet.

b. Shall not exceed 10 percent of the total gross floor area of the principal structure or structures.

c. Shall conform to all minimum yard requirements and shall not be permitted between the street and the principal structure.

d. Shall maintain a minimum separation distance of 10 feet between the detached accessory structure and the principal structure.

e. Shall comply with all applicable fire, health, safety, and building provisions of this code.

4. Pursuant to a development review permit, a detached parking garage may be exempted from compliance with the height and floor area requirements set forth above (subsections (C)(3)(a) and (b)).

5. Nothing in this chapter shall preclude more than one principal structure on a building site.

D. Temporary Uses and Structures. Temporary uses and structures shall be permitted in the (PI) zone pursuant to SBMC 17.60.010 (Temporary Uses and Structures). (Ord. 308 § 1, 2003; Ord. 185 § 2, 1993)

17.32.030 Property development regulations.

A. Minimum Lot Sizes and Dimensions. The minimum lot sizes and dimensions for the (PI) zone shall be as follows:

Minimum Lot Dimensions in Linear Feet

Minimum Area in Sq. Ft.

Street Frontage

Width (interior)

Width (corner)







B. Minimum Yard Dimensions. Minimum yard dimensions shall be as follows:

Front Yard

Side Yard (Interior)

Side Yard (Street)

Rear Yard





*A minimum 10-foot rear or side yard shall be required where any portion of the rear or side yard abuts a residentially zoned property. Each story above two shall be setback an additional five feet from the required setback of the story below it.

Front yards on both streets shall be observed on all double frontage (through) lots.

A minimum separation of 20 feet shall be required between all principal structures.

Architectural features, such as canopies, eaves, steps, balconies, and stairways may project into a required setback area, but not more than five feet. An architectural feature shall not extend beyond the property line, except along a street subject to the issuance of an encroachment permit.

C. Maximum Floor Area Ratio. The maximum floor area ratio shall be 2.0.

D. Maximum Building Height. The maximum building height shall be 45 feet, except for properties west of Highway 101 where the maximum building height shall be 30 feet.

Pursuant to a development review permit, up to 15 percent of the roof plane may exceed the maximum height limit to allow for architectural projections. Such review shall consider the potential impacts to existing views from nearby residential areas.

E. Specific Requirements.

1. Outdoor storage of merchandise, material and equipment shall be subject to the provisions of SBMC 17.60.080 (Outdoor Storage, Sales and Service Yards).

2. All roof appurtenances including, but not limited to, air conditioning units, cooling towers, ducts, tanks, elevator enclosures and mechanical equipment shall be acoustically shielded and architecturally screened from view from adjacent properties, public streets and on-site parking areas.

3. No material or equipment shall be stored on the roof of any building.

4. All trash receptacle areas shall be designed to accommodate the separation of recyclable materials into not less than three categories as determined by the director of community development. Trash and recyclable material containers shall be screened by a solid wall or fence with a minimum height of four feet or the height of the refuse container, whichever is greater; provided, that a six-foot solid wall or fence shall be constructed between any such container and any adjoining residentially zoned property.

Additional special regulations applicable to all zones are set forth in Chapter 17.60 SBMC.

F. External Effects. The following effects shall not be permitted to emanate beyond the boundaries of the premises upon which a permitted use is located:

1. Air contaminants including, but not limited to, smoke, charred paper, dust, soot, grime, carbon, noxious acids, fumes, gases, odors, or particulate matter, which endanger human health, or result in damage to vegetation or property, cause objectionable changes in temperature or cause soiling.

2. Loud, unnecessary or unusual noise which endangers health, peace or safety of others.

3. Objectionable direct or reflected glare.

4. Radiation or electrical disturbance which unduly interferes with the normal operation of equipment or instruments. (Ord. 185 § 2, 1993)

17.32.040 Off-street parking requirements.

Parking and loading requirements shall be as prescribed in Chapter 17.52 SBMC. (Ord. 185 § 2, 1993)

17.32.050 Landscaping requirements.

Landscaping requirements shall be as prescribed in Chapter 17.56 SBMC. (Ord. 185 § 2, 1993)