Chapter 3.06


3.06.010    Surplus personal property defined.

3.06.020    Authority.

3.06.030    Property with no salvage value.

3.06.040    Records.

3.06.050    Proceeds of sale.

3.06.010 Surplus personal property defined.

Personal property owned by the city that is no longer necessary or convenient for use by the city shall be considered surplus personal property. Surplus personal property may include personal property which has no commercial value or for which the estimated costs of continued care, handling, maintenance or storage would exceed the estimated proceeds of sale. (Ord. 01-2009 § 1, 2009).

3.06.020 Authority.

A. City Manager. The city manager, or his or her designee, has the authority to identify, sell, or otherwise dispose of all surplus personal property, or to exchange the same for or trade the same in on new supplies and equipment. Disposition may include abandonment, destruction, or donation to public bodies, charitable, civic or nonprofit organizations. Services of a salvage or auction company or a paid auctioneer may be used at the discretion of the city manager. The city manager has the authority to make transfers between city departments of any usable surplus personal property.

B. City Council. City council approval is needed for disposition of surplus personal property when the total estimated value of any item exceeds $25,000. (Ord. 01-2009 § 1, 2009).

3.06.030 Property with no salvage value.

Surplus personal property with no salvage value, as determined by the city manager or his or her designee, shall be disposed of in a manner that salvages recyclable components, if practical. (Ord. 01-2009 § 1, 2009).

3.06.040 Records.

The city manager or his or her designee shall maintain records which identify surplus personal property disposed of, the method of disposal, and the amounts received from its disposal and shall maintain records for public inspection relative to the disposal of surplus personal property for a period of time in compliance with the state law and the city’s records retention schedule. (Ord. 01-2009 § 1, 2009).

3.06.050 Proceeds of sale.

Proceeds from the sale of surplus personal property shall be deposited in the appropriate city fund as determined by city manager. (Ord. 01-2009 § 1, 2009).