Title 9


I. Offenses By or Against Public Officers and Government

9.04    Obstructing Fire Department

9.08    Obstructing Municipal Officers

9.12    Public Park and Recreation Areas – Regulations

II. Offenses Against the Person

9.16    Discrimination Based on AIDS or HIV Infections

III. Offenses Against Public Health and Safety

9.20    Repealed

9.21    Fireworks

IV. Offenses Against Public Decency

9.32    Gambling

9.33    Urinating, Expectorating or Defecating in Public Place or View

V. Offenses Against Public Peace

9.36    Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages in Public Places

9.38    Social Host Liability and Prohibition against Underage Drinking

9.40    Disturbing Meetings

9.44    Loitering

9.48    Obstruction or Interference with Free Passage

9.52    Disturbing the Peace

9.56    Noise

9.60    Leaf Blowers

9.68    Picketing and Besetting

9.69    Launching and Landing Aircraft at Places Other Than Airports

VI. Offenses Against Property

9.70    Graffiti

9.72    Repealed

VII. Consumer Protection

9.80    Mobilehome Park Space Rent Protection

9.82    Mobilehome Park Conversions

9.84    Conversion of Mobilehome Parks to Resident Ownership

VIII. Offenses By or Against Minors

9.88    Minor’s Curfew

IX. Weapons

9.92    Discharging Firearms