Title 19


Division I. Enactment and Applicability

19.01    Purpose and Effect of Development Code

19.02    Interpretation of Development Code Provisions

19.03    Land Use Permit Requirements

Division II. Community Design

19.10    Zones and Allowable Uses

19.12    Streetscape

19.14    Block Structure

Division III. Project Design

19.16    Planning Area Standards

19.18    Northeast Planning Area

19.20    Central-East Planning Area

19.22    Southeast Planning Area

19.24    Northwest Planning Area

19.26    Central-West Planning Area

19.28    Southwest Planning Area

19.30    Gateway District

19.32    Broadway Corridor

19.34    Downtown District

19.36    West Napa Street/Sonoma Highway Corridor

19.38    Open Space Districts

Division IV. General Site Planning and Development Standards

19.40    General Property Development and Use Standards

19.42    Historic Preservation and Infill in the Historic Zone

19.44    Affordable Housing and Density Bonuses

19.46    Fences, Hedges and Walls

19.48    Parking and Loading Standards

19.50    Special Use Standards

19.51    Public Art Program

Division V. Planning Permit Procedures

19.52    Applications: Filing and Processing

19.54    Planning Permit Approval or Disapproval

19.56    Permit Implementation, Time Limits, Extensions

Division VI. Subdivisions

19.60    Applicability and Administration of Subdivision Regulations

19.61    Subdivision Map Approval Requirements

19.62    Subdivision Design and Improvement Requirements

19.63    Tentative Map Filing and Processing

19.64    Parcel Maps and Final Maps

19.65    Condominiums and Condominium Conversions

19.66    Lot Line Adjustments and Parcel Mergers

19.67    Certificates of Compliance

19.68    Reversions to Acreage

19.69    Dedications and Exactions

19.70    Improvement Plans and Agreements

19.71    Surveys and Monuments

Division VII. Development Code Administration

19.80    Administrative Responsibility

19.82    Nonconforming Structures, Uses and Parcels

19.84    Appeals

19.86    General Plan and Development Code/Zoning Map Amendments

19.88    Public Hearings

19.90    Enforcement of Development Code Provisions

Division VIII. Definitions

19.92    Definitions

Division IX. Growth Management

19.94    Housing Allocation Process