Chapter 19.51


19.51.010    Purpose.

19.51.020    Definitions.

19.51.030    Funding.

19.51.040    Cultural and fine arts commission responsibilities.

19.51.050    Application.

19.51.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to authorize, fund, and establish procedures for art works in the public realm within the city of Sonoma. It will help to guarantee the development of public art work as a whole in the city, ensuring a closer relationship between the landscape, buildings, community, and art. It creates a process for the community to work together to make Sonoma an even more interesting, memorable, and beautiful place to live, go to school, work, and visit.

The public art program seeks to:

A. Contribute to the city’s civic pride and sense of identity, and enhance its physical and aesthetic environment;

B. Augment Sonoma’s reputation as a city that celebrates the arts;

C. Enrich the lives of Sonoma residents and visitors by incorporating the visual arts into public spaces, and expand their concepts of art by encouraging site-specific works that engage the surrounding environment;

D. Encourage collaboration between artists, landscape architects, urban planners, architects, engineers, and other designers;

E. Integrate the work and thinking of artists into the planning, design, and construction of city facilities, buildings, and public spaces;

F. Engage the citizens of Sonoma in creative partnerships with artists;

G. Provide curatorial expertise and project management for the acquisition and maintenance of public art work in Sonoma. (Ord. 04-2009 § 1, 2009).

19.51.020 Definitions.

“Permanent installation” means art work or art place with a permanent site as opposed to a temporary site.

“Public art annual plan” means a prioritized list of visual arts projects to be undertaken in any given year with budgets and recommended site and design approach, developed by the cultural and fine arts commission in conjunction with city officials.

“Public art fund” means a fund within the city of Sonoma into which all monetary contributions for public art work shall be deposited.

“Public art guidelines” means the regulations adopted by the cultural and fine arts commission and approved by the city council which establish procedures to carry out the purpose of this chapter. The guidelines shall include but not be limited to criteria for selection of artists and art works, procedures for maintenance of a file of interested artists, procedures for artistic competitions, and requirements for the maintenance of works of art. The cultural and fine arts commission may amend the guidelines from time to time with the approval of the city council.

“Public art master plan” means a planning document including public art policies and guidelines, recommending sites and expenditures for public art work, and describing public art’s relationship to the city of Sonoma’s general plan.

Public Art Work. Public art works involve visual artists working through the public art process creating original works in public spaces that include, but are not limited to, paintings, murals, stained glass, fiber work, statues, reliefs or other sculpture, monuments, fountains, arches, or other structures intended for ornament or commemoration, carvings, frescoes, mosaics, mobiles, photographs, drawings, collages, prints, crafts or other decorative and utilitarian works in clay, fiber, wood, metal, plastics and other materials. Public art work includes media works such as film, video, photo projections, and computer-generated art works. Works of art may be temporary as well as permanent. Public art work projects also include artists serving on design and development teams to identify opportunities to incorporate art in the public space.

“Public development project” shall include but not be limited to the construction or remodel of any city-owned building, structure, park, utility, street, sidewalk, or parking facility, or any portion thereof, within the limits of the city of Sonoma.

“Public space” means any place or property within the city limits which is open to the general public for its use, or which is in public view or is generally accessible and visible to the public.

“Temporary installation” means artwork that is installed in a given place for a limited time. (Ord. 04-2009 § 1, 2009).

19.51.030 Funding.

A. Establish a Public Art Fund. The city shall establish a special revenue fund designated as the “public art fund” for the deposit of gifts, bequests to the city for public art work, and other funds for works of art in accordance with the public art program. The public art fund is used exclusively as a means of isolating and identifying all monetary transactions pertaining to the city public art program. Appropriation of funds to support the public art program shall be made to the public art fund, consistent with the city’s budget cycle, capital facilities program plan, and major capital projects identified by the city council.

B. Public Development Projects. All public city-owned development projects with total building permit valuation costs in excess of $250,000 shall devote an amount equal to one percent of such costs for the acquisition of works of art for placement in the city. For public projects with federal and/or state matching requirements or grant-funded projects, the one percent shall only apply to the city’s portion of the project funding.

C. Annual City Allocation. An amount equal to one-quarter of one percent of the city of Sonoma’s budgeted general fund expenditures shall be appropriated annually to the city’s public art fund; provided, that said appropriation shall be capped at $25,000 per fiscal year. The city council reserves the right to waive or reduce the annual allocation if the city’s financial situation does not allow for the funding to be set aside. The city council shall adopt such a waiver or reduction by adopting a resolution setting forth the findings for the waiver. (Ord. 04-2009 § 1, 2009).

19.51.040 Cultural and fine arts commission responsibilities.

The Sonoma cultural and fine arts commission shall:

A. Establish guidelines to carry out the purpose of this chapter. The guidelines shall include but not be limited to criteria for selection of artists and art work, review criteria for proposed gifts of artwork to the city, commercial and industrial development project art selection guidelines, procedures for art competitions, and requirements for the maintenance of artwork.

B. Develop and implement a public art annual plan for the city of Sonoma in conjunction with city officials.

C. Recommend the expenditure of funds for the purchase of public art work or for the commission of design, execution and/or placement of works of art, for maintenance of public art work, and for administration of the public art program.

D. Collaborate with city staff in the identification and evaluation of potential sites for exterior artwork.

E. Approve artist or artists to be commissioned for a project; artist or artists to develop design proposals for a project; or artist or artists whose existing work is to be selected for a project.

F. Approve artist design proposals and sites for permanent public art work.

G. Approve designs and sites for temporary public art work.

H. Appoint panels for the selection of public art work.

I. Recommend to the city council the acceptance or rejection of gifts or loans of public art work.

J. Oversee the maintenance, care, and record of the public art work collection. (Ord. 04-2009 § 1, 2009).

19.51.050 Application.

This chapter shall apply to any public development project as of the date the ordinance codified in this chapter takes effect. (Ord. 04-2009 § 2, 2009).