Chapter 1.09


1.09.010    Established.

1.09.020    Composition.

1.09.030    Term—Appointment of successor.

1.09.040    Disqualifying activity.

1.09.050    Election of chairman of commission.

1.09.060    Removal from office.

1.09.070    Remuneration of the commission.

1.09.080    Organization—Meetings—Rules.

1.09.090    Powers and duties.

1.09.010 Established.

Effective upon the enactment of this chapter, a parks and recreation commission shall be established and shall be known and designated as the "Parks and Recreation Commission" of the city of South Gate.

(Ord. 1015 § 2 (part), 7-25-66)

1.09.020 Composition.

The parks and recreation commission shall consist of five members. The members shall be appointed from the qualified electors of the city.

Each member shall be selected by an individual councilman as provided herein and shall hold office upon ratification by a majority vote of the entire city council.

(Ord. 1015 § 2 (part), 7-25-66)

1.09.030 Term—Appointment of successor.

A.    The term of office of a parks and recreation commissioner shall commence upon his appointment to said office and shall continue for the duration of the term of office of the appointing councilperson, automatically terminating at the day and hour that the city clerk shall certify to the results of the election for the office to which the appointing councilperson was elected except that if the appointing councilperson shall die while holding office or be sooner removed from office by recall or resignation, the term of said councilperson’s appointee on the commission shall terminate upon the appointment or election of a new councilperson assuming the office of the deceased or removed councilperson.

B.    By way of clarification, therefore, in the event the nominating councilperson shall not be a full term councilperson then the appointment of said new commissioner shall be only for the unexpired portion of the term of the commissioner being replaced by said appointment.

C.    Notwithstanding the preceding, the term of office of any commissioner will sooner automatically expire if the commissioner is absent from three consecutive regularly scheduled meetings.

(Ord. 1613 § 1, 6-25-84: Ord. 1015 § 2 (part), 7-25-66)

1.09.040 Disqualifying activity.

In the event that any commissioner named herein places his name as a candidate or permits his name to be placed as a candidate for any elective office in the city of South Gate, that term of said commissioner shall automatically terminate effective upon his name being received by the public officer charged with the duty of receiving said names as candidates for elective office in the city of South Gate.

(Ord. 1015 § 2 (part), 7-25-66)

1.09.050 Election of chairman of commission.

Annually, on or before June 15th, the commission shall elect a chairman from its duly appointed membership.

(Ord. 1015 § 2 (part), 7-25-66)

1.09.060 Removal from office.

Any commissioner may be removed at any time by a four-fifths vote of the entire city council.

In the event a city council member files a written request with the city manager for the removal of the commissioner he/she appointed to serve on the parks and recreation commission, then the necessary vote to effectuate such removal shall be a three-fifths vote; however, one of the voting city council members must be the city council member who appointed the commissioner to serve on the parks and recreation commission.

(Ord. 2018 § 1, 1997: Ord. 1015 § 2 (part), 7-25-66)

1.09.070 Remuneration of the commission.

For attendance at the affairs of the commission, a commissioner shall be reimbursed for expenses at the rate of seventy-five dollars per meeting and a monthly maximum of one hundred fifty dollars.

(Ord. 2169 § 1, 5-25-04: Ord. 1621 § 1, 7-23-84: Ord. 1257 § 1, 2-24-75 (repealed): Ord. 1217 § 1, 9-24-73 (repealed): Ord. 1086 § 1, 2-10-69 (repealed): Ord. 1015 § 2 (part), 7-25-66)

1.09.080 Organization—Meetings—Rules.

The commission shall have full power and authority to adopt any and all lawful rules and regulations not contrary to the provisions of this code for its own organization, functioning and government, in order to efficiently, and in cooperation with the parks and recreation administrator, coordinate all of the recreational facilities and activities within said city.

The commission shall promptly file with the city council of said city a copy of any and all rules and regulations adopted by said commission and of any amendments thereof, certified to by the secretary of such commission or other officer thereof performing the functions of a secretary. 1015 § 2 (part), 7-25-66)

1.09.090 Powers and duties.

A.    Among such other duties as such commission shall find it proper and expedient to perform in connection with its work and activities, it shall (subject at all times to the general control of the city council and in cooperation with the parks and recreation administrator), be the duty of said commission to study and plan play and recreational activities, plans and conditions, and the recreational needs of persons of all ages within said city; to devise methods for the wise utilization of the available recreational facilities therein; and wherever possible it shall aid and promote supervised public recreation within said city.

B.    In defining the powers and duties of the said commission, the city council determines and announces that said commission is an advisory and recommendatory body, to advise and make recommendations to the city council in matters relating to public recreation and public recreational areas and facilities.

C.    The parks and recreation administrator, subject to general council control, shall administer all features and shall have authority over personnel of the department.

(Ord. 1015 § 2 (part), 7-25-66)