Chapter 1.12


1.12.010    New commission established.

1.12.020    Membership.

1.12.030    Term—Appointment of successor.

1.12.035    Disqualifying activity.

1.12.040    Powers and duties.

1.12.050    Defraying commission expenses.

1.12.060    Records.

1.12.070    Authority to obligate city.

1.12.080    Organization—Meetings—Rules.

1.12.090    Reports of activities of council.

1.12.100    Removal from office.

1.12.110    Remuneration of the commission.

1.12.120    Election of chairperson of commission.

*    Prior ordinance history: Ord. 627.

For zoning, see T. 11 of this code.

1.12.010 New commission established.

Effective upon the enactment of this chapter, a planning commission, which may be known and referred to as city planning commission or the planning commission of, in and for the city of South Gate, California, is hereby created and established pursuant to the provisions of that certain act of the Legislature of the state of California which is designated and referred to as the Conservation and Planning Act of the state of California (Statutes 1965, Chapter 1880), as amended to date and as may hereafter be amended.

(Ord. 1015 § 4 (part), 7-25-66)

1.12.020 Membership.

The planning commission shall consist of five members. Each city council members shall be entitled to appoint one commissioner from among the qualified electors of the city. Before taking office, each commissioner shall be confirmed by a majority vote of the city council.

(Ord. 2132 § 2, 1-6-03: Ord. 1375 § 1, 6-26-78: Ord. 1066, 2-26-68: Ord. 1060, 1-22-68: Ord. 1015 § 4 (part), 7-25-66)

1.12.030 Term—Appointment of successor.

A.    The term of office of planning commissioner shall commence upon confirmation by the city council and shall continue for the duration of office of the appointing council member. If the appointing council member does not complete his or her original term of office because of death, recall election or resignation, the commissioner shall continue to serve until confirmation by the city council of a successor.

B.    Notwithstanding the preceding, the term of office of any commissioner will automatically expire if the commissioner is absent from three consecutive regularly schedule meetings.

(Ord. 2132 § 3, 1-6-03: Ord. 1613 § 2, 6-25-84: Ord. 1015 § 4 (part), 7-25-66)

1.12.035 Disqualifying activity.

In the event that any commissioner named herein files or permits a third person to file with the city clerk a notice indicating his or her candidacy for any elective office in the city of South Gate, the term of the commissioner shall automatically terminate.

(Ord. 2132 § 4, 1-6-03: Ord. 1015 § 4 (part), 7-25-66)

1.12.040 Powers and duties.

The planning commission and the members thereof shall respectively have and exercise each and all of the powers, duties, rights, privileges and authorities of city planning commissions and of members of such commissions, all as set forth, provided for and contemplated in and under the provisions of said "Conservation and Planning Act" as same now exists and as same may hereafter be amended, and shall perform the duties, acts and functions of such city planning commissions and members thereof, respectively, all as indicated, set forth and referred to in, and as contemplated by and under, said "Conservation and Planning Act."

(Ord. 1015 § 4 (part), 7-25-66)

1.12.050 Defraying commission expenses.

The city council may, in making its annual tax levy, and as a part thereof, levy and collect a tax not to exceed in any fiscal year the sum of two mills on the dollar of assessed valuation for the purpose of defraying the lawful expenses incurred by the planning commission in carrying out the purposes of said "Conservation and Planning Act," and may make appropriations from other funds therefor. Said planning commission is hereby authorized to accept gifts for any work of said commission which is authorized by law.

(Ord. 1015 § 4 (part), 7-25-66)

1.12.060 Records.

The commission shall cause proper records to be kept of all of its official acts and proceedings, and shall make reports to the city council, all as contemplated in and by said "Conservation and Planning Act."

(Ord. 1015 § 4 (part), 7-25-66)

1.12.070 Authority to obligate city.

The commission shall have no power or authority to bind or obligate the city or any officer or department thereof for any money, department undertaking or obligation of any kind in excess of the appropriation which the city council may have made for the purposes of said commission in any fiscal year.

(Ord. 1015 § 4 (part), 7-25-66)

1.12.080 Organization—Meetings—Rules.

Except as otherwise provided in this chapter or by law, the commission shall have power to and shall provide for its own organization; shall adopt rules and regulations for the transaction of business before it; and shall designate the time and place for the regular monthly meeting or meetings of said commission. Permission is hereby granted to said commission to use the council chamber in the city hall as the place for its meetings, provided that such meetings shall not conflict or interfere with meetings of the city council.

(Ord. 1015 § 4 (part), 7-25-66)

1.12.090 Reports of activities of council.

The city clerk is hereby authorized and instructed to notify said planning commission of, and to forward to said commission for its consideration and action, such matters, proceedings, documents and instruments as may hereafter from time to time be pending before the city council; and which according to law, are required to be submitted to such planning commission prior to final action thereon by said city council.

(Ord. 1015 § 4 (part), 7-25-66)

1.12.100 Removal from office.

Any commissioner may be removed at any time by a four-fifths vote of the entire city council.

In the event a city council member files a written request with the city manager for the removal of the commissioner he/she appointed to serve on the planning commission, then the necessary vote to effectuate such removal shall be a three-fifths vote; however, one of the voting city council members must be the city council member who appointed the commissioner to serve on the planning commission.

(Ord. 2018 § 2, 1997: Ord. 1501 § 1, 11-24-81: Ord. 1015 § 4 (part), 7-25-66)

1.12.110 Remuneration of the commission.

For attendance at the affairs of the commission, a commissioner shall be reimbursed for expenses at the rate of one hundred twenty five dollars per meeting, and a monthly maximum of two hundred fifty dollars. (Amended by Ord. 1213 § 1 (part), 8-13-73 (repealed)).

(Ord. 2168 § 1, 5-25-04: Ord. 2088 § 1, 1-14-02: Ord. 1621 § 2, 7-23-84 (repealed): Ord. 1213 § 1 (part), 8-13-73 (repealed); Ord. 1053, 9-11-67 (repealed): Ord. 1015 § 4 (part), 7-25-66)

1.12.120 Election of chairperson of commission.

At the first meeting of the commission held during the month of June each year, the commission shall elect a chairperson from among its duly appointed membership. If the person serving as chairperson of the commission ceases to serve as commissioner during his or her term of office, the commission shall appoint a new chairperson at its regular meeting.

(Ord. 2132 § 5, 1-6-03: Ord. 1015 § 4 (part), 7-25-66)