Chapter 1.20


1.20.010    Clerk and treasurer, city manager, director of finance—Bond required.

1.20.020    Other official bonds.

1.20.030    Bonds for temporary appointees.

1.20.040    Amount of bonds.

1.20.050    Form and sufficiency of bonds.

1.20.060    Master bond.

1.20.070    Approval and filing of bonds.

1.20.080    Duty to bond incumbents and temporary appointees.

1.20.090    City payment for bond.

1.20.100    Cash deposit in lieu of bond.

1.20.010 Clerk and treasurer, city manager, director of finance—Bond required.

Pursuant to the requirement of the laws of the state of California, the city clerk, the city treasurer, the city manager and the director of finance shall respectively, before entering upon the duties of their respective offices, each execute a bond, which shall be maintained at all times during their respective tenure.

(Ord. 2131 § 2 (part), 12/23/02)

1.20.020 Other official bonds.

The council may by resolution provide for such additional bond or bonds in covering such officers or employees as the council may from time to time deem necessary.

(Ord. 2131 § 2 (part), 12/23/02)

1.20.030 Bonds for temporary appointees.

In the event a vacancy, including a temporary vacancy, occurs in any office or employee- relationship wherein an official bond is required by this chapter, including by Section 1.20.020, any person temporarily appointed to fill such vacancy shall execute an official bond in the same amount as is prescribed for the office or position to which he is so temporarily assigned, but in such case his status as such temporary or acting officer or employee shall be shown in such bond.

(Ord. 2131 § 2 (part), 12/23/02)

1.20.040 Amount of bonds.

The amount of all bonds required or authorized by this chapter shall be in a reasonable amount recommended by the city attorney and fixed by the city council, by resolution, and may be changed during the officer’s or employee’s term of office or employment.

(Ord. 2131 § 2 (part), 12/23/02)

1.20.050 Form and sufficiency of bonds.

All bonds required or authorized by this chapter shall conform to the provisions of the Government Code relating to bonds of public officers. Each of the above mentioned bonds shall be joint and several in form and shall be signed by the respective principals and by a corporate surety, which surety must be authorized as provided by law to transact a general surety business in the state of California.

(Ord. 2131 § 2 (part), 12/23/02)

1.20.060 Master bond.

When deemed expedient by the city council, a master official bond may be used with a schedule attached containing the names of the officers or employees required to give an official bond and the amount for which such person is bonded.

(Ord. 2131 § 2 (part), 12/23/02)

1.20.070 Approval and filing of bonds.

Each bond authorized or required by this chapter shall be approved by the city council, and by the city attorney as to form. When so approved, all such bonds shall be filed with the city clerk, which shall be filed with the mayor as required by the Government Code.

(Ord. 2131 § 2 (part), 12/23/02)

1.20.080 Duty to bond incumbents and temporary appointees.

It shall be the duty of the director of finance to take note of any change in any incumbencies, whether permanent or temporary, of any of the offices or employment for which bonds are required by this chapter and to see that the new incumbent, whether upon a permanent or temporary basis, executes the bond required by this chapter.

(Ord. 2131 § 2 (part), 12/23/02)

1.20.090 City payment for bond.

Whenever bonds are required of officers or employees of the city, the premiums on such bonds shall be paid by the city. The finance director is authorized and directed to pay the premium for any official bonds authorized or required by this chapter.

(Ord. 2131 § 2 (part), 12/23/02)

1.20.100 Cash deposit in lieu of bond.

Wherever this chapter requires a corporate surety bond, including pursuant to Section 1.20.020, a cash deposit of lawful money of the United States is the amount of the bond in lieu thereof may be made with the treasurer. The city shall not make said cash deposit on behalf of any of its officers or employees.

(Ord. 2131 § 2 (part), 12/23/02)