Chapter 1.36


1.36.010    Design.

1.36.020    Who authorized to wear.

1.36.030    Badges owned by city.

1.36.040    Custody of badges—Records.

1.36.050    Surrender of badges.

1.36.060    Penalty for violations.

1.36.070    Police facsimile badges—General Prohibition.

1.36.080    Police facsimile badges—Use.

1.36.090    Police facsimile badges—Definition.

1.36.100    Police facsimile badges—Issuance.

1.36.110    Police facsimile badges—Surrender.

1.36.120    Police facsimile badges—Description.

1.36.010 Design.

Badges for the officers and members of the police department of the city of South Gate, California, shall be of such design and character as the Chief of Police of said city may, with the approval of the city council of said city, from time to time designate.

(Ord. 190 § 1, 1-6-31)

1.36.020 Who authorized to wear.

A duly authorized member of the police department is authorized to wear a police badge. A violation of this section is the same as a violation of Penal Code Section 538(d).

(Ord. 2011 § 1 Exh. A (part), 8-27-96: Ord. 190 § 2, 1-6-31)

1.36.030 Badges owned by city.

All badges of the police department of said city shall be paid for by said city and be the property thereof.

(Ord. 190 § 3, 1-6-31)

1.36.040 Custody of badges—Records.

Immediately upon the taking effect of this chapter, any person (excepting only those who at that time are duly appointed, authorized and acting members of the police department of said city) having in his or her possession any police badge of the police department of said city shall surrender such badge to the chief of police of said city, or any duly appointed and acting police officer thereof, for delivery to the chief of police, said chief of police being hereby constituted as custodian of all such badges. The chief of police, as such custodian shall, keep a full, definite and accurate record respecting the issuance and custody of all such badges issued indicating the time when issued and the name and address of the person to whom issued.

(Ord. 190 § 4, 1-6-31)

1.36.050 Surrender of badges.

Whenever, for any cause whatsoever, the chief of police of said city shall, at any time, deem that the best interests of the police department of said city requires the surrender of any badge of the police department of said city, then and in that event it shall be the duty of the officer or person having or possessing such badge to immediately, upon demand therefor, surrender such badge to said chief of police or to any other officer or policeman of said police department instructed by said chief of police to procure the same.

(Ord. 190 § 5, 1-6-31)

1.36.060 Penalty for violations.

Any person violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine of not to exceed one thousand dollars or by imprisonment in the city jail of the city of South Gate, California, or in the county jail of the county of Los Angeles, as the committing magistrate may direct, for a period not to exceed six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment in the discretion of the court.

(Ord. 2011 § 1 Exh. A (part), 8-27-96: Ord. 190 § 6, 1-6-31)

1.36.070 Police facsimile badges—General prohibition.

No person, except as provided in this chapter, shall produce, distribute or possess a police facsimile badge as defined in Section 1.36.090.

(Ord. 2139 (part), 4-22-03)

1.36.080 Police facsimile badges—Use.

Police facsimile badges may be issued only to the following South Gate city officials and may be possessed only during their term of employment as a South Gate official. Police facsimile badges may be used as a means of official identification in the performance of official city duties only. The following classifications of city officials are authorized to possess and use a police facsimile badge:

A.    Building inspector;

B.    Building official;

C.    Code enforcement officer;

D.    Elected officials;

E.    Director of emergency services;

F.    Business license inspector.

(Ord. 2139 (part), 4-22-03)

1.36.090 Police facsimile badges—Definition.

A "Police facsimile badge" is a badge resembling that of a police badge and being of partial size, shape and appearance of a police badge issued by the city of South Gate. It is not the intent of this chapter to regulate a badge of less than one-inch diameter in size.

(Ord. 2139 (part), 4-22-03)

1.36.100 Police facsimile badges—Issuance.

The chief of police upon approval of the city manager may issue police facsimile badges. The chief of Police shall serve as the custodian of badges.

(Ord. 2139 (part), 4-22-03)

1.36.110 Police facsimile badges—Surrender.

All police facsimile badges are the property of the city of South Gate. The chief of police may order the badge surrendered due to, but not limited to, termination of employment, periods of leave of absence or if it is shown that an employee or official has used the badge for other than official purposes.

(Ord. 2139 (part), 4-22-03)

1.36.120 Police facsimile badges—Description.

Police facsimile badges issued by the city of South Gate shall include the title of the position classification, the words "city of South Gate" and the city seal.

(Ord. 2139 (part), 4-22-03)