Chapter 1.44


1.44.010    Levy and collection by county.

1.44.010 Levy and collection by county.

The city council of the city of South Gate, deeming it for the best interest of said city, and hereby determining that the public interest and necessity demands the action herein taken, does hereby declare its election, and it does hereby elect for itself and for said city of South Gate, to avail itself of the provisions of an act of the Legislature of the state of California, entitled: "An Act to provide for the levy and collection of taxes by and for the use of municipal corporations and cities incorporated under the laws of the state of California, excepting the municipal corporations of the first class, and to provide for the consolidation and abolition of certain municipal offices, and to provide that their duties may be performed by certain officers of the county, and fixing the compensation to be allowed for such county officers for the services so rendered to such municipal corporations." Approved March 27, 1895, and all acts amending the same, excepting the provisions of Section Two of said Act; and do hereby elect that hereafter all assessments shall be made and all taxes shall be collected by the county assessor and county tax collector of the county of Los Angeles, California, for said city of South Gate, until said city of South Gate shall, by ordinance, elect not to avail itself of the provisions of said Act for any longer time.

(Ord. 5 § 1, 2-26-23)