Chapter 2.77


2.77.010    City council authorization for waivers or reduction of rates, fees and charges.

2.77.020    Fee waivers for special events.

2.77.010 City council authorization for waivers or reduction of rates, fees and charges.

A.    Unless this code prohibits such or prescribes alternate procedures, any person subject to payment of the rates, fees and charges established in this code or in the South Gate fee resolution may apply to the city council for a waiver or reduction of such rates, fees or charges. The application shall be made in writing and filed with the city clerk, and shall be accompanied by a processing fee in the sum of twenty five dollars. The application shall state in detail the factual basis for the request, including a description of the proposed project, program, activity or other undertaking involved and the extraordinary benefits to the city resulting therefrom which justify the requested waiver of reduction of rates, fees or charges.

B.    The city council shall consider the application at a hearing to be held within sixty days after the application is filed, and the applicant shall be notified of such hearing not less than fifteen days prior thereto. Following such hearing the city council may, by a four-fifths vote, or a three-fifths vote in the case of a city council member applicant, and upon a finding of extraordinary benefit to the city, approve a motion authorizing, in whole or in part, the waiver or reduction requested by the applicant. The determination of the city council shall be final and conclusive.

(Ord. 2031 § 1, 12-9-97)

2.77.020 Fee waivers for special events.

The city manager, or his/her designee, after receipt of a written waiver request submitted by an organization described in Section 2.08.250(A)(3), which has been established as such in the city for a minimum of one year immediately preceding the filing of any request hereunder, and has a bona fide membership of at least twenty persons, the majority of whom are residents of the city, or by a governmental organization, shall have the discretion to administratively waive up to one thousand dollars in fees for special events, as well as the discretion to approve the use of city staff time and equipment up to five thousand dollars in conjunction with these and other special events, if, in the city manager’s, or his/her designee’s, opinion, a public benefit will be provided by the event.

(Ord. 2328 § 1, 7-26-16)